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Is it Possible for Jimmy Butler to Be Michael Jordan’s Son?

Jimmy Butler-Michael Jordan relationship, explained: How TikTok videos sparked father-son conspiracy theory

If you scour the Internet for news stories examining the connection between Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan, they all vehemently deny that Butler is Jordan’s son. One must admit, there is a strong facial resemblance between the two.

While the relation to Michael Jordan is consistently denied, the media likes to unironically tell us that growing up, Jimmy Butler befriended former NFL wide receiver Jordan Leslie.

Earlier this week, I made this post examining the strong numerical alignments between John Lennon and Steve Jobs. While I don’t at all believe that Lennon and Jobs are the same person, I think there’s a much stronger possibility that Butler is actually MJ’s son.

Butler’s father mysteriously left the family at a very young age and we don’t really have any information on who he is. It would stand to reason that if Jordan did have an illegitimate son, the league would help to hide this. A large contingent of people believe that Jordan’s early retirement after winning the 1993 NBA Championship was actually just a cover so the league could suspend him for gambling.

This post will instead view Jordan’s retirement in 1993, as well as the death of his father a few months prior, as a riddle connected to the numbers associated with Jimmy Butler.

To start, while Michael Jordan has several nicknames, one that stands out is Black Jesus:

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17th, or 2/17.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan = 188, Jesus of Nazareth = 188 and 217

The name Jesus sums to 888 in Greek Isopsephy:

Jordan’s full name also shares 888 gematria with Jimmy Butler.

Michael Jeffrey Jordan = 888 Satanic, Jimmy Butler = 888 Sumerian

When it comes to Jesus and Christianity, there is no debate that the number 93 is of utmost significance. Jesus was said to have been crucified on April 3rd, the 93rd day of the year, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The first man, Adam, lived to the age of 930.

Gods son, Nazareth, and Crucifix all = 93 Ordinal, Christianity = 930 Sumerian

In the year ’93, Jordan shocked the world by announcing his retirement from the NBA only a few months after winning his third consecutive championship, cementing himself at the top of the league. It appeared as if the murder of his father in July of that year deeply affected him, and he switched careers in an attempt to become a player in Major League Baseball.

While I’ve talked in-depth about how the God’s son riddle connects to Jordan and his father, it has now dawned on me that this is also connected to Jimmy Butler and his potential father.

After returning to the NBA in 1995, Michael ended up playing a total of 930 regular season games for the Bulls. Jimmy Butler made his first appearance in the NBA Finals in 2020 on September 30th, the date written 9/30.



Michael Jordan wore #23 for the majority of his NBA career, which ended in the year 2003.

"Jimmy Butler III" = 203 (Reverse)

Jimmy Butler III , who wore #23 for the Timberwolves and 76ers, is just one game away from returning to the NBA Finals in the year ’23.

The Last Dance

Butler was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2011 – the same team Jordan won six championships with in the 1990’s.

"Chicago Bulls" = 212 (Reverse)

Butler made his NBA debut on the first day of 2012

Butler was a span of 201 weeks, 2 days old when James Jordan died:

Jordan announced his retirement exactly 212 weeks after Butler was born:

Jimmy Butler was 2012 days old when Jordan returned to the NBA:

A wildly famous documentary about the 1998 Bulls came out called The Last Dance in April of 2020. Jimmy made his first NBA Finals appearance later that year.

"The Last Dance" = 212 (Reverse)

The year 2020 is particularly noteworthy because 22 is the number that Butler began wearing for the Miami Heat that very year.

"Basketball" = 22 (Reduction)

The 22nd Prime number is 79

"Miami" = 79 (Latin) and "Miami Heat" = 79 (Ordinal)

The Finals began on a date with Primary numerology of 79:(9) + (30) + (20) + (20) = 79

The 2020 NBA Finals began 164 days after The Last Dance started:

"Miami Heat" = 164 (Reverse)

22 is 11×2

Chicago Bulls has matching 112 Ordinal gematria with The Last Dance.

Chicago Bulls, The Last Dance, and Houston all = 112

Jimmy Butler was born in Houston on a date with 112 and 31 numerology:(9) + (14) + (89) = 112 and 9 + 1+4 + 8+9 = 31

"Houston" = 31 (Reduction)

Houston is an interesting city – in the two years between Jordan’s championships with the Bulls, both NBA titles were won by the Houston Rockets.

Jimmy Butler III and Houston Rockets both = 175, 203, and 76

Houston, where Butler met Jordan Leslie, also has gematria of 77 and 778.

Houston = 77 and 778

Jordan Leslie was born 777 days (or 778 w/ end date) after Jimmy Butler:

Jordan Leslie was born on 10/31
Butler was born on 9+14+19+89 = 131
131 is the 32nd Prime number

"Houston" = 32 (Reverse Reduction)

James Jordan Sr.

James Jordan was killed 1408 days (or 1409 w/ end date) after Jimmy Butler was born:

Jimmy Butler = 148 and 149

Butler was born on the 14th of September, or 14/9:

149 is the 35th Prime number
2023 is the Heat’s 35th season

In 1990, Jordan had his jersey stolen before a game in Orlando, forcing him to wear the team’s spare #12. 12 plus his normal number, 23, equals 35.

After his father’s death, Jordan tried to make it in Major League Baseball, which is where his dad always dreamed of him playing. Michael wore #35 in the Arizona Fall League:

Major League Baseball = 162, Baseball = 162 and 162, MLB = 162

Butler was a span of exactly 1620 weeks old when the 2020 NBA Finals began:

Michael finished his baseball career with 51 RBI’s and 51 walks.

Michael and Butler III both = 51 and 138

Michael retired a span of 76 days after his father died:

Both of their names have Reduction gematria of 76.

Jimmy Butler III, Michael Jordan, and Michael all = 76

Michael Jordan was 9,706 days old when Jimmy Butler was born (or 26 years, 209 days):

Butler III = 206 and 209 with Caps

Jordan was born on a date with numerology of the 26th Prime number (101) and 29:(2) + (17) + (19) + (63) = 101 and 2 + 1+7 + 1+9+6+3 = 29

"Jordan" = 26 (Reduction)

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