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Harry and Meghan Escape “Near Catastrophic” Incident with Paparrazi

Prince Harry and Meghan allege ‘near catastrophic’ paparazzi car chase in NY

Prince Harry is the son of Princess Diana. This story hits home to the family because Diana reportedly died during a similar incident where her vehicle was being chased by paparazzi.

This chase occurred 6 weeks, 4 days before the birthday of Princess Di:

Princess Di = 64 and 440, New York New York = 440 Caps Mixed and NY = 440 Latin

The date had Primary numerology of 64 and Standard numerology of 44:

Notice how all five of these numbers sync up with the gematria of Kill.

Prince Harry

Diana died on August 31st, which was the 243rd day of the year, leaving 122 days on the calendar:

Prince Harry was chased in New York 243 days after his birthday (or 122 days before his next):

Harry’s next birthday will be his 39th

"Princess Di" = 390 (Latin)

New York, NY, NYC, and Empire all = 39

His formal name is Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

"Prince Harry Duke of Sussex" = 304 (Ordinal)

Spencer died 304 days before her birthday:

On its own, Duke of Sussex has matching 155 Reverse gematria with his wife’s name, with a 65 in Reduction.

Rachel Meghan Markle = 155, Rachel Meghan Markle = 155 and 65

Diana’s death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 155 and a Life Lesson number of 65:(8) + (31) + (19) + (97) = 155 and (8) + (31) + 1+9+9+7 = 65

"Paris France" = 65 (Single Reduction)

Paris to New York

Diana’s Death occurred due to a car crash in Paris, France.

"Death" = 218 (Standard)

"Paris France" = 218 (Capitals Mixed)

Meghan Markle was exactly 2180 weeks old when she and Harry were chased:

Later this week, Prince Harry turns 2018 weeks old:

Princess Di was killed in 1997. Harry and Meghan’s ordeal occurred in New York City.

"New York City" = 1997 (Latin)

“666” Coding

Diana passed away when she was 13210 days old:

1321 is the 216th Prime number

Meghan Markle was born on August 4th, the 216th day of the year:

Meghan Markle and Prince Henry of Wales both = 216

"Chase" = 216 (Sumerian)

216 is 6×6×6

"New York" = 666 (Sumerian)

Prince Henry of Wales was the royal birth name for Prince Harry, whose full name is Henry Charles Albert David.

Henry Charles Albert David = 1666 Latin and 234 Ordinal

666 = 234 + 432

Markle is 20 years, 34 days younger than Princess Di:

666 is the 36th Triangular number

"Chase" = 36 (Ordinal)

Meghan and Harry were born exactly 3 years, 6 weeks apart:

Diana died at the age of 36 years, 61 days:

36 and 61 mark the beginning and end of the Satanic gematria cipher, which is constructed around the number 666:

Diana would now be 61 years old
61 is the 18th Prime number
6+6+6 = 18

"Chase" = 18 (Reduction)

Meghan Markle, Henry Charles Albert David, and Prince Henry of Wales all = 108

The chase happened a span of 108 days before the anniversary of Diana’s death:

“33” Coding

One number extremely-connected to 666 is 33. This was made highly-evident in gematria.

Diana would have been 22600 days old for this week’s paparazzi chase:

226 is a number that’s also heavily-connected to 33.

Thirty three = 156 and 141, both One hundred fifty six and One hundred forty one = 226 Ordinal

New York, New York yields a matching 156, and New York on its own equals 33.

New York New York = 156 and New York = 33

33 is 11×3

It was 11 weeks, 3 days before Markle’s birthday:

Diana died in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

Pont de lAlma = 113 and 331, Diana Frances Spencer = 113 and Rachel Meghan Markle = 331

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