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Justin Turner’s Injury Connected to Gavin Lux’s Torn ACL

In my last post, I laid out the impressive organic numerology surrounding an injury suffered by Red Sox third baseman Justin Turner. Turner used to play for the Dodgers, where he won a World Series in 2020.

A rookie member of that Dodgers team was Gavin Lux, who Justin Turner seems to have gotten along with quite well. In May of last year, Gavin credited Justin for his walk-off hit after spotting a flaw in his swing.

Exactly one week before Turner was hit by a pitch in the face, Gavin Lux tore his ACL while trying to avoid a throw, ending his season before it even really began.

As it turns out, this provides an incredible new angle on this synchronicity. Both men share a November 23rd birthday:

Gavin Lux was born exactly 13 years after Justin Turner:

13 was such an important number to Turner’s injury, it got its own section in my post. Turner now wears number “Two” = 13, and was 103 days after his birthday when he received “Stitches” = 103. #13 Alex Cora, who has 103 birth numerology, was the first to rush to his aide.

Turner was synced remarkably well to the pitcher who hit him on that date. Turner is 38 years old, while pitcher Matt Manning was a span of 38 days after his birthday. Both men have 38 birth numerology and were born exactly 163 lunar phases apart – the 38th Prime number.

This happens to be the Reduction gematria of Gavin Lux.

"Gavin Lux" = 38 (Reduction)

Sixteen (16)

Justin Turner, who signed with the Red Sox on 1/6, needed 16 stitches on a date with 16 numerology after the wayward pitch from Manning, who was 1 month, 6 days after his birthday, struck him in the face. Meanwhile, Gavin Lux suffered a Torn ACL.

ACL = 16, Torn ACL and Gavin Lux both = 106

When Gavin Lux was 16 years old, one of his best friends, 16-year-old Clay Davison, who was born on the 16th of November, tooks his own life on a date with 16 numerology:6 + 2+1 + 2+0+1+4 = 16

Last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers posted this video that detailed the story of Davison’s passing and the effect it had on Gavin’s life and career. It was uploaded on October 6th, or 10/6.

Sixteen is the first number to have gematria of 33. In the 33rd verse of the Bible (Genesis 2:2), God rests on the seventh day (One week) of Creation. Turner got hurt against the Tigers.

Justin Turner got hurt exactly 1 week (or 7 days) after Gavin Lux and Gavin Lux was born exactly 1 week (or 7 days) after Clay Davison:

Both Gavin and Clay were born in 1997

Justin Turner was 1997 weeks old for his face shot:

Clay Davison

Partway through the memorial video, Clay’s mom brings Clay’s #44 jersey on the field.

Gavin instantly shows emotion, commenting that 44 was Clay’s number for everything. Does he know that his friend’s name literally sums to 44 in gematria?

"Clay Davison" = 44 (Reduction)

Lux even mentions that this is the jersey number he has tattooed on his arm in memory of Clay:

The 44th Prime number is 193

Clay Davison died on June 21st, which is the date leaving 193 days in the year, as it’s the 172nd day on the Gregorian calendar:

"Clay Davison" = 172 (Reverse)

June 21st is the Summer solstice. On the summer solstice, the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, which is situated 23.4° north of the Equator. Gavin’s tattoo is a depiction of Psalms 23:4, which was Clay’s favorite Bible verse. They both grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

"Kenosha Wisconsin" = 234 (Reverse)

234 + 432 = 666. When it comes to numerology in the Bible, most people think of 666. This is the number of the Beast according to Revelation 13:18. In Latin gematria, the name Clay Davison sums to 1318.

"Clay Davison" = 1318 (Latin)

Gavin Lux turned 1318 weeks old one day before his injury:

This is very similar to the Sumerian gematria of Gavin.

"Gavin" = 318 (Sumerian)

Turner was hurt 3 months, 18 days after Clay’s birthday, and 3180 days after he died:

Eclipse Code

The “Eclipse” numerology in Clay’s passing is absolutely staggering. It’s almost unbelievable. This is especially intriguing given how the name Lux is also a measurement of light.

Clay’s nickname was Clay Bay. It shares 69 gematria with Eclipse – as well as the Reduction gematria of both his and Gavin’s full names.

Eclipse, Clay Bay, Clay Russell Davison, and Gavin Thomas Lux all = 69

Clay’s full name also sums to 231 and 2013 in Ordinal and Standard.

Clay Russell Davison = both 231 and 2013

Clay Russell Davison died a span of exactly 231 days (or 33 weeks) after the 2013 Hybrid Eclipse:

"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

That Eclipse belonged to Saros Series 143. This was Clay’s Primary birth numerology:(11) + (16) + (19) + (97) = 143

The Moon / Kenosha

My first post focused on some incredible Lunar connections.

Clay Davison died a span of 218 days after his birthday and 210 days after Gavin’s:

The word for Moon sums to 218 in Hebrew Standard and 210 in English Standard:

Gavin Lux = 218 and 210 Caps Mixed

They were from Kenosha, Wisconsin, which matches The Moon in gematria.

Kenosha Wisconsin and The Moon both = 99 and 90

The injuries of both Gavin Lux and Justin Turner occurred during Brown Lunation # 1239:

"Kenosha Wisconsin" = 1239 (Fibonacci)

Clay died on 6/21

"Kenosha Wisconsin" = 621 (Primes)

June 21st is also written as 21/6

“Matthew Manning” = 216 hit Justin Turner on a date with Multiplicative numerology of 216. The Moon’s equatorial diameter is 2160 miles.

216 is 6×6×6

Indian Trail and Indian both = 666

Davison and Lux both attended Indian Trail Academy, which opened in 1998 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just several months after they were both born.

"Kenosha Wisconsin" = 198 (Ordinal)

The third multiple of 666 is 1998
Clay died when Gavin was 198 months old

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