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USA Powerlifting Must Allow Biological Men to Compete w/ Women

ESPN's Sage Steele calls decision on USA Powerlifting and transgender athletes 'unfair to women'

This news about Powerlifting was published on March 7th, written 3/07 or 7/3.

Powerlifting = 307 and 73

Globally, powerlifting is governed by the International Powerlifting Federation.

"International Powerlifting Federation" = 403 (Ordinal)

JayCee Cooper was a span of exactly 403 months old when the Weightlifting suit was filed:

JayCee Cooper and Weightlifting both = 403 Reverse Caps Mixed

Sage Steele

The International Powerlifting Federation was established in 1972. Powerlifting is a sport where competitors lift large steel plates, often attached to a large steel bar. The FOX News article focuses on reactionary comments made by ESPN’s Sage Steele, who was also born in 1972.

"Steele" = 66 (Ordinal)

The governing body of powerlifting in America is USA Powerlifting, or USAPL for short. They were sued in the state of Minnesota.

"USAPL" = 66 (Reverse)

"Minnesota" = 660 (Sumerian)

Today is the 66th day of the year:

The ruling allows a former male to complete as if they were a Woman. Rather comically, the current chairman of the USAPL is named Larry Maile.

"Woman" = 66 (Ordinal)

"Larry Maile" = 66 (Reverse Reduction)

53 / JayCee Cooper

With the S Exception, Sage Steele sums to 53.

"Sage Steele" = 53 (Single Reduction)

Today has Primary numerology of 53:(3) + (7) + (20) + (23) = 53

"Transgender" = 53 (Reduction)

"Gender" = 53 (Ordinal)

The lawsuit against USA Powerlifting was brought about by transgender athlete JayCee Cooper.

Today is a span of 53 days (or 1 month, 21 days) after the anniversary of JayCee Cooper filing the lawsuit:

"JayCee Cooper" = 121 (Ordinal)

The last name Cooper on its own sums to 72 just like Trans. He/She/They/It will now be allowed to compete against real women with Two X Chromosomes thanks to the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

"Cooper" = 72 (Ordinal)

"Trans" = 72 (Ordinal)

Two X Chromosomes = 72 and 72

"Human Rights Act" = 72 (Single Reduction)

Sage Steele was born in ’72

Cooper and Steele both = 90 and 540

“JayCee” = Jesus Christ

The word Gender has Reverse gematria of 109.

"Gender" = 109 (Reverse)

The 109th Prime number is 599

Sage Marie Steele is 50 years, 99 days (or 603 months) old:

Sage Marie Steele = 603 and 63

"Human Rights Act" = 63 (Reduction)

The judgment was issued on March 6th, written 6/3 or 3/6.

Trans = 63 and 36, Cooper = 36

"JC" = 603 (Latin)

JC are the initials of Jesus Christ, and phonetically identical to the name JayCee.

This is important because the story is out of Minnesota, which is the “Jesus Territory” of the United States. See this post for details on that concept. Notice how JayCee Cooper also has the highly-significant 985 value of Jesus in the Latin cipher.

Minnesota = 110 and 515, Jesus = 110, 515, and 985, JayCee Cooper = 985 Trigonal

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