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Tom Verlaine, Frontman of Television, Dies @ 73

Tom Verlaine, guitarist and co-founder of band Television, dead at 73 Television is a punk rock band from New York City who saw much of its success in the '70s

Tom Verlaine was the co-founder of Television

"Television" = 1028 (Latin)

Verlaine died on 1/28
His birthday was 12/13

He was exactly 1213 weeks old when the band was formed:

This is a huge sync because it’s pretty rare for a band to have an exact formation date, but Television apparently does. At the group’s inception, Tom Verlaine strummed guitar while the bass was played by Richard Hell. Both men have stage names that differ from their birth names.

Marquee Moon

A number you’re probably most likely to associate with Hell is 666. Richard Hell was born on the 275th day of the year:

In Latin, Richard Hell = 238, Six hundred sixty six = 2038 and 275 Ordinal

Television’s debut album was titled Marquee Moon. The Moon’s average distance from Earth is ~238,900 miles. Verlaine died during Brown Lunation Number 1,238:

666 is the ultimate number of the Moon.

"Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin) and "The Moon" = 283 (Latin)

While 666 is usually considered to be the number of the Beast, many people believe it’s actually 616. The Earth’s average orbital velocity is 66,616 mph.

Tom Verlaine was 9919 days old for Marquee Moon’s release, while Richard Hell was 9991 days old:

Tom Verlaine died 666 Sidereal months (or 616 Lunar phases) after Television was formed:

"Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Latin)

Tom was born 9 months, 19 days before Richard’s first birthday:

It takes the 12-month lunar calendar 33 years to re-sync with the 365-day solar calendar. This is a very significant number of Ritual human sacrifice.

Thirty three and Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 Latin

The album name Marquee Moon pays homage to the number 33.

Marquee Moon = 137 Ordinal and 561 Latin

137 is the 33rd Prime number
561 is the 33rd Triangular number

Television was formed in New York City 3 years, 333 days before Marquee Moon was released:

"New York City" = 333 (Capitals Mixed)

Tom Verlaine of Television was born during Brown Lunation Number 333:

"Tom Verlaine Television" = 303 (Reverse)

His birth name was actually Thomas Miller.

"Miller" = 33 (Reduction)

Marquee Moon was released on the 8th of February, or 8/2. Verlaine died 82 days before the next Hybrid eclipse, and 421 days after the last Total solar eclipse. 421 is the 82nd Prime number.

The Moon = 27 and Moon = 57

It takes just over 27 days for The Moon, which has a 57° range of declination, to orbit the Earth.

Tom Verlaine was 27 years, 57 days old when it came out:

“Sacrifice” Code

In Pythagorean / Reduction, Tom Verlaine sums to 53, as does Hell in Latin.

Tom Verlaine and Hell both = 53

News of Tom’s death broke today, January 29th, a date with numerology of 53 and 73:(1) + (29) + (23) = 53 and (1) + (29) + (20) + (23) = 73

Television was formed in the year ’73

Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell were born a span of 73 days apart:

Verlaine died 118 days after Richard Hell’s 73rd birthday:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Tom Verlaine died at the age of 73 years, 46 days:

The word Sacrifice on its own sums to 73 and 46.

Sacrifice = 73 and 46, Ritual sacrifice = 73

He died exactly 46 weeks after the anniversary of Television’s formation:

The album turns 46 years old next month. It was released 46 months after the band was formed.

Tom was born on the 347th day of the year:

The man who occupied the drum throne for Verlaine and Hell was Billy Ficca.

Verlaine’s death fell 347 days after Ficca’s birthday:

347 is a number connected to Human sacrifice and 13.

"Human sacrifice" = 130 (Ordinal) and "Thirteen" = 347 (Latin)

We’re told Television frontman Verlaine died after a Brief illness.

Television, Verlaine, and Brief illness all = 130

“Human sacrifice” = 86 and “Blood sacrifice” = 86. To 86 is to “off” or “get rid” of someone.

Verlaine = 86 and 860

Richard Lloyd

After initially forming in 1973, Television added guitarist Richard Lloyd.

"Richard Lloyd" = 1973 (Squares)

The last name Lloyd means Gray-haired:

The Moon is Gray.

Moon and Gray both = 57, 51, and 21

Richard Lloyd has double gematria of 129. The band was based out of New York City.

Richard Lloyd = 129 and 1029

"New York City" = 129 (Reverse)

The upcoming Hybrid eclipse in April belongs to Saros series 129, which falls a span of 129 days after Verlaine’s birthday. The death of Tom Verlaine made headlines on January 29th, or 1/29.

"Tom Verlaine" = 134 (Ordinal)

January 28th was 13 weeks, 4 days after Lloyd’s birthday:

It’s probably worth noting that October 25th, Lloyd’s most recent birthday, was the same date as a Solar eclipse.

"Solar eclipse" = 134 (Ordinal)

Eclipse Code

In Reduction, Richard Lloyd sums to 66 and 69.

Richard Lloyd = 66 and 69

Eclipse = 66 and 69

Marquee Moon came out during Lunation 669, a span of 95 days after the Lunar eclipse from Lunation 666:

Verlaine’s birth name “Thomas Miller” = 145

666 days is equivalent to a span of 95 weeks.

"Six hundred sixty six" = 95 (Reduction)

Mathematics of the circle and Mathematical perfection both = 666 Latin

The Mathematics of the circle are resolved with Pi.

Pi = 25 Ordinal and 95 Satanic

Richard Lloyd was 25 years,3 months, 14 days old for its release:

The first three digits of Pi are 3.14. The 314th Prime number is 2083. As shown above, “Six hundred and sixty six” = 2083 and “The Moon” = 283.

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