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Jeremy Renner Reportedly Suffers Serious Injuries in Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner was crushed by snowplow as he tried to save nephew from injury, sheriff’s report says

This story is from an incident is said to have occurred on New Year’s Day, January 1st. The word Nephew sums to 71 in Ordinal.

"Nephew" = 71 (Ordinal)

Jeremy Renner was born in ’71 on January 7th, or 1/7:

Snow = 71 and 17

The name Jeremy Renner syncs up with both Plow and Snow plow.

Plow and Jeremy Renner both = 66, Snow plow and Renner both = 38 and 34

The Shining

On the left is a picture of the vehicle Renner is said to have been crushed by. It bears a striking resemblance to the Snowcat seen in the 1980 film The Shining, which the main characters use to escape the killer.

Jeremy Renner was 137 days after his birthday when The Shining was released:

Snow plow = 137 Ordinal and 1370 Standard

"Jeremy Renner" = 1370 (Latin)

137 is the 33rd Prime number

Jack Nicholson was 33 years old when Renner was born, and the accident fell exactly 3 months, 3 weeks before Jack’s birthday:

Jeremy Renner has Standard birth numerology of 79, matching Snow plow:(1) + (7) + (71) = 79

"Snow plow" = 79 (Reverse)

New Year’s Day was 7 months, 9 days after the film’s anniversary:

Nicholson’s character in the film is named Jack Torrance.

"Jack Torrance" = 79 (Reverse Reduction)

Their names share some overlap in gematria.

Jack Torrance = 539 Satanic and Jeremy Lee Renner = 539 Primes

Jeremy Renner = 174 and John Joseph Nicholson = 1704

The Shining takes place at a place called Overlook Hotel.

"Overlook Hotel" = 65 (Reduction)

New Year’s Day was 65 days before the anniversary of Kubrick’s death:

The 65th Prime number is 313

Jack Nicholson was 12,313 days old when Jeremy Renner was born and 31300 days old for the accident:

The Shining was directed by Stanley Kubrick, who passed away in 1999.

Stanley Kubrick died 23 years, 300 days before the accident:

"Jeremy Lee Renner" = 233 (Reverse)

"Shining" = 233 (Standard)

Renner’s accident happened 2223 years, 3 days after The Shining came out (or 223 days after its anniversary):

It occurred on New Year’s Day of 2023
The year is commonly written as ’23

Shining = 203 and 80, Jeremy Lee Renner = 80

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