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Cowboys Kicker Brett Maher Misses Four Extra Points

Cowboys' Brett Maher misses NFL record 4 extra points Dak Prescott doesn't hide his anger after kicker's 3rd miss

The name of Cowboys kicker Brett Maher reminds me of Brett Favre. Favre’s last head coach in Green Bay was Mike McCarthy, who is currently the Cowboys’ head coach.

Maher’s pitiful performance tonight is a riddle connected to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. First, notice how Four missed extra points has matching gematria with McCarthy’s full name.

"Four missed extra points" = 1399 (Latin) and "Michael John McCarthy" = 1399 (Latin)

Brett Maher was born 11 days after Mike McCarthy’s birthday:

"Four missed extra points" = 101 (Reduction)

11 is a number Brett Maher shares with Jesus.

Brett Maher = 110, 160, 47, and 61, Jesus = 74, 61, and 11

Today is the 16th day of the year:

Dallas Cowboys and Jesus Christ both = 151, 43, and 74

In Standard English gematria, Brett Maher equals 641.

"Brett Maher" = 641 (Standard)

641 is the 116th Prime number
The game was played on January 16th, or 1/16

One hundred sixteen and Jesus both = 985 Latin

January sixteenth and Brett Maher both = 218

The 218th Prime number is 1361

"Fifty seven" = 1361 (Latin)

"Mike McCarthy" = 57 (Reduction)

Maher was a span of 57 days after his 33rd birthday:

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ both = 303 Ordinal

“Christ” Coding

Four missed extra points = 290, Christ = 290, Jesus Christ = 290 Reverse Caps

Maher was 12110 days old for his disastrous performance:

His birthday is November 21st, or 11/21

That was a date with Reduced numerology of 32, which left 40 days in the year:1+1 + 2+1 + 1+9+8+9 = 32

Christ = 32 and 40

Maher missed four kicks on a date with Standard numerology of 40:(1) + (16) + (23) = 40

The 40th Prime number is 173

Maher was a span of exactly 1730 weeks old for the game:

173 is ELI flipped upside-down

John F. Kennedy

Although it’s the Prime number cipher, the name Brett Maher sums to an intriguing Triangular number.

"Brett Maher" = 351 (Primes)

351 is the 26th Triangular number

"God" = 26 (Ordinal)

Brett Maher was born exactly 20 years, 6 weeks after Brett Favre:

The Cowboys play in Dallas, where JFK was assassinated.

He was also born a span of exactly 26 years after the JFK assassination:

"John Fitzgerald Kennedy" = 233 (Ordinal)

The game fell a span of 233 days after JFK’s birthday:

"4 missed extra points" = 233 (Reverse)

“Four Points After Touchdown” = 326 and Kennedy was killed on the 326th day of the year.

JFK = 27 and 54, Maher = 270 and 540

JFK’s Assassin was allegedly perched at 411 Elm Street.

"Brett Maher" = 411 (Latin)

The killer, Lee Oswald, was then killed two days later by Jack Ruby.

"Lee Oswald" = 411 (Satanic)

"Jack Leon Ruby" = 1411 (Latin)

The game was played 67 days after Mike McCarthy’s birthday and 90 days after Lee Harvey Oswald’s:

Lee Harvey Oswald = 67, Michael John McCarthy = 90, Maher = 90

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