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When Will These Super Bowl Posts End?

Soon…I have a little bit more on the Immaculate Reception and how it syncs up with this year’s Super Bowl.

This all started with an innocent look at the Monday Night Football game on December 19th to see if I could pick out a winner. After the game was finished, and I saw how accurate my notes were, I realized that the alignments were too big for just some random Monday Night Football game. This was part of something much larger than just that.

I thought to myself, “there’s no way the Packers come back.” But comebacks have been trending heavily lately, culminating with the Vikings’ record-breaking 33-point comeback just one day before France came back twice at the World Cup Final to cause a 3-3 score against Argentina.

I found myself in awe of the synchronicities with the Vikings-Colts comeback, as it was very clearly connected to Zachary K. Hubbard, whose channels I originally learned about the application of gematria in sports from. The Excel version of the Gematrinator made its first appearance on Zach’s channel barely one week before the car crash into his house on Christmas Eve in 2016, so you could say I was connected to all of that as well.

Sure, the Packers needed to go perfect after falling to 4-8 in order to make it to the Super Bowl. A very unlikely finish – however, I then found out Tom Browning, who threw a perfect game, died the same day as the Packers game against the Rams. This reminded me of when Christine Perfect, a.k.a. Christine McVie, died in a story littered with perfect numbers. The Packers fell to 4-8 just before she died, but have not lost since…

Then I realized the Packers’ next game was against the Dolphins, who completed the only perfect season in NFL history, led by coach Don Shula. Don Shula’s middle name was Francis, and when the Packers started their perfect streak against the Bears, it wrapped up a weekend of rituals connected to Francis Xavier.

ThenFranco Harris died in a story that was coded up-and-down with the number 12, which is particularly huge to Aaron Rodgers this year. That involved the Raiders, a team I’d been saying is a huge piece of the puzzle to this year’s championship since last year.

Then, all five games this past weekend went the Packers’ way, including an upset on Christmas. All of this had less than a 5% chance of happening.

After all this, it dawned on me how much decoding I’ve done of Packer games throughout the season. Sure, they’re my hometown team, so I always pay more attention to them than anyone else, but the riddles with this team have been massive every single week, and I plan on doing a summary before the postseason.

Another factor is the new additions I’ve recently made to the Date Calculator (for Enthusiast and Mystic members). With the Brown Lunation number and Saros cycle for eclipses now easy to see and navigate, I discovered that although I was on the right track by looking at eclipses, I was only seeing a small piece of the puzzle. Expanding my measurements to include eclipses from relevant Saros Series and Brown Lunations has blown the lid open, and dare I say, broken the Matrix code.

Maybe that’s a stretch. But this Super Bowl does indeed appear to be the culmination of everything I’ve been picking up on since I started this Blog – from the 1331 Eclipse code, to the Gateway Arch and the “Arch” eclipse, to the NFL and its founding…it’s all coming together to give us perhaps the craziest, most unbelievable mid-season turnaround to ever happen in sports. And it just so happens to be the team from the state I live in…

So, what if I’m wrong? I may very well be. The Packers could simply lose a game in the next two weeks and my last 15-20 posts will look like the work of a crazy person. So why take this chance by putting my big eggs in this small basket?

Part of it is to make a point – I think (know?) the riddle I’ve found is the best. It’s the first time I’ve looked at the numbers ahead of time and truly felt like I was doing a decode after it had already happened. All the simple numbers, al the logical connections, and all of the deeper riddles all point to the same thing.

If this “miracle” doesn’t happen, then at least one of these two things is true – either the best riddle does not always point to the winner, or Vegas has eyes on the betting community and is pulling the strings based on the wagers being made. And if this is the case, then is it really worth it to put your hard-earned money on the charade?

Ultimately, we all want to be right when we put ourselves out there, especially when the odds were so small. I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t help the ego, but that’s not really what this is about. I don’t think it would lead to me picking every championship, but it WOULD inspire people to look deeper into numerology, astrology, and so many of the other things that make the lives we live so much more intriguing.

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