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Happy Holidays!

Nothing to report here, I just want to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas! The Blog will be pretty slow over the next few days as I take a step back and enjoy the holidays after a full year of hard work.

Gematrinator.com underwent its most significant changes in 2022, and I owe everyone who has pitched in to support the efforts a huge thank you. The response has been very positive –  despite a few kinks at first – and I truly think some of the new tools will lead to quicker and more profound discoveries.

While this year was mostly about getting the new application up and running, I’ll be working more this coming new year to continue adding features to the calculators and site in general. I’ll also be evolving the style of video production going forward, and can’t wait to get some of the ideas I have out into the world!

Peace…Love…and God Bless!



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