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Packers Must Go “Perfect” to Make a Playoff Run

In 2022, we crowned a new American League home run King, whose first name is Aaron. It happened less than a month after we got a new King of the United Kingdom, King Charles.

Aaron Rodgers’ middle name is Charles.

This season’s Super Bowl takes place in the year 2023. On the first day of the year, the Packers will play the Vikings in a must-win game. The Vikings wear purple, the color of royalty.

Aaron Charles Rodgers was a span of exactly 2023 weeks old when Charles became the new King:

Last year’s Super Bowl ended with a score of 20-23. In 2010, the last year the Packers made it to the Super Bowl, they lost to the Miami Dolphins 20-23 in Overtime. More on this connection below.

The date Charles assumed the throne was September 8th, or 9/8, the date that Queen Elizabeth died. If the Packers win their final three games to make the playoffs, they’ll finish at 9-8 on the season.

Super Bowl 57, India, etc. = 98

A “Perfect” Run

On the same date as Rodgers’ win over the Rams in a major eclipse riddle, Reds’ pitcher Tom Browning, one of only 23 men to throw a Perfect Game in MLB history, died unexpectedly at the age of just 62. Think of the name “Browning” in connection with former Cleveland Brown Baker Mayfield and the Brown Lunation Number:Longtime Reds Pitcher Tom Browning Dies at 62

Green Bay Packers, Tom Browning, and Moon all = 150

Aaron Rodgers picked up his 145th win of the regular season against the Rams in connection with the eclipse over Uttarakhand.

Packers, Perfect, and Uttarakhand all = 145

In order to get to the playoffs and make the Super Bowl, the Packers must be “perfect” from here on out. Their next game is against the Dolphins, who were the only team to ever complete a perfect NFL season. The man who led them to their championship that year, Don Shula, died in 2020.

Don Shula died a span of exactly 145 weeks before the Super Bowl:

"Dolphins" = 145 (Reverse Caps Added)

Shula’s middle name was Francis. Two weeks ago, I made this live stream where I discussed how Rodgers’ “Freemasonry” riddle against the Bears was a tribute to Francis Xavier, who received a number of tributes that weekend.

Prior to coaching the Dolphins, Shula coached the Colts, who I’ve been blogging about in relation to the Vikings.

Shula’s birthday is January 4th, or 1/4. The Packers are in search of their 14th NFL championship. Their win against the Rams was their 14th of the year. Teams only played 14 games in the regular season when Shula’s Miami Dolphins achieved their feat.

The 14th Prime number is 43
Shula turned 43 just before his perfect season ended

Dolphins = 43 and Miami Dolphins = 430

The Super Bowl will be played on the 43rd day of the year:

Shula died a span of 403 days before the “crown” eclipse:

Consider how Shula’s perfect season was the same year Franco Harris made the Immaculate Reception. The Immaculate Interception was in Super Bowl 43 against the Arizona Cardinals, host of this year’s big game.

Shula and the Dolphins completed their magical season in 1973. The first number to sum to this in Latin gematria is 137, a number which contains three of the same digits.

"One hundred thirty seven" = 1973 (Latin)

"Perfection" = 137 (Capitals Added)

Eclipse = 137 and 33

137 is the 33rd Prime number

The Packers’ win over the Rams was connected to the Middle Eclipse from Saros Series 137.

The celebration of Saros 137 fell exactly 137 weeks after the death of Don Shula:

Don Shula died 1 year, 37 days before the “crown” or “arch” eclipse:

Middle eclipse, Perfect, Packers, Reagan, and Archie all = 116

That Middle eclipse over “Uttarakhand” (119), India was 911 days before the game. The Packers beat the Rams 1 year, 16 weeks before the next Great American Solar eclipse, and 116 days before Baker Mayfield’s birthday.

Donald Francis Shula = 73, India = 73 and 73, Middle eclipse = 73, Solar eclipse = 73, Perfect and Packers both = 73

The word Crown gives us a lot of 73.

Crown = 72, 703, and 1073

Donald Francis Shula, whose playing career ended after 73 games, finished the NFL’s only perfect season with a Super Bowl win in January of ’73, which capped off the ’72 season.

The Super Bowl will be played a span of 73 days (or 72 without the end date) after Aaron Rodgers’ birthday:

Aaron Rodgers and Broken collarbone both = 72

The date of the Super Bowl can be written as 12/2, similar to Rodgers’ 12/2 (December 2nd) birthday. Super Bowl 57 will be played a date with 57 numerology in 2023, the date leaving 322 days in the year:(2) + (12) + (20) + (23) = 57 and Feb 12th leaves 322 days in the year

72 and 57 are highly-significant Moon numbers, as the graphic below indicates (click to enlarge):

Jordy Nelson

"Jordy" = 72 (Ordinal)

Jordy was born during Lunation 772, just like Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell, whose name also sums to 772.

"Kevin OConnell" = 772 (Standard)

Jordy Nelson, who was born during Lunation 772, will be 13,772 days old (or exactly 504 sidereal months):

Aaron Rodgers was born 540 days before Kevin O’Connell:

The St. Louis Arch opened exactly 54 years before the “arch” eclipse that began just north of Minnesota and Green Bay:

Green Bay = 540, Miami = 540, Uttarakhand = 504, and = 504

Sun, Arch eclipse, Sun Arches, and Arches all = 54

It makes sense that Jordy Ray Nelson would be aligned with Super Bowl LVII. His middle name is Ray, like the Rays of the Sun.

Jordy Ray Nelson and Super Bowl LVII both = 183, 78, and 75

The Jesuit Sun, much like the Sun on the flag of Argentina, who just won the World Cup, is made up of Thirty-two rays:

Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state

"Thirty two" = 1967 (Standard)

Jordy Ray Nelson will also be 1967 weeks old:

Jordy Nelson is exactly 515 weeks older than Baker Mayfield:

"Minnesota" = 515 (Standard)


The Packers are still in the hunt for Super Bowl 57. In Reduction, the word Perfection sums to 57.

"Perfection" = 57 (Reduction)

Prince died on the Queen’s birthday. The Queen was born on the 111th day of the year:

Perfection = 111 and 159, Archie Mountbatten Windsor = 111 and Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor = 159

Prince Archie was born 1110 days after Prince died:

"Minnesota Vikings" = 1110 (Standard)

The last game the Packers lost before they would have to go on a “perfect” run was to the near-perfect Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia is abbreviated PHI, like the Golden Ratio shown above.

Their loss to the Eagles was by a score of 33-40:

This year’s Super Bowl falls exactly 334 weeks after the Rodgers-Nelson connection to open U.S. Bank Stadium:

Archie was born a span of 334 days after Prince’s birthday:

Ronald Reagan’s death fell 3340 days after Baker Mayfield was born:

This is the inverse of 433, the value of Solar eclipse in the same Latin cipher. The Packers play their home games at Lambeau Field.

"Solar eclipse" = 433 (Latin)

"Lambeau Field" = 433 (Standard)

Ronald Reagan would have been a span of exactly 40303 days old for the Annular eclipse north of Green Bay:

Matt LaFleur was born exactly 433 weeks before Rihanna:

The pitcher that died yesterday threw a “Perfect” game for the Cincinnati Reds.

"Cincinnati Reds" = 433 (Latin)

Super Bowl LVII falls 4 years, 334 days after Cousins signed with Minnesota:

433 is the 84th Prime number
Cousins’ contract was worth $84 million

Green Bay Packers, Annular eclipse, The Jesuit Order, and Masonry all = 84, Solar eclipse = 804, The Jesuits = 804, Robyn Rihanna Fenty = 804

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