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“Fentanyl” Riddle for Prince and Super Bowl 57

In my last post, which decoded the Packers/Rams game before it happened, I discussed how it was an “Indian Eclipse” ritual connected to the Middle eclipse of Saros 137, an annular eclipse that passed directly over the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Notice how the Middle eclipse over India fell on the date June 21st, which can be written as 21/06. That eclipse also began Brown Lunation number 1206. The Moon’s equatorial diameter is exactly 2160 miles.

These are the same digits in Revelation 6:12, which is the only verse to mention both a Solar and Lunar eclipse:

Prince allegedly died of a Fentanyl overdose 61 months, 20 days before the “Arch” or “Crown” eclipse of 2021, which fell 612 days before Super Bowl LVII:

"Fentanyl" = 612 (Latin)

He died at his home in a suburb of Minneapolis, which is home to the 612 dialing code:

"Fentanyl" = 1042 (Standard), Crown eclipse and Eclipse sacrifice both = 142

This year’s Super Bowl halftime performer will be Rihanna.

Rihanna’s real last name is Fenty.

"Rihanna" = 38 (Reduction)

"Minnesota" = 38 (Reduction)

Fentanyl has matching 38 gematria with Prince.

Fentanyl and Prince both = 34, 38, and 97

These numbers are also found in both Murder and Death.

Murder and Death both = 34, 38, and 97

The 38th Prime number is 163
The Super Bowl would be Aaron Rodgers’ 163rd win

"Comeback" = 163 (Reverse)

“Sacrifice” Code

Ritual human sacrifice and Thirty three = 895, Thirty three = 156 and 141, 156, 141, and Sacrifice all = 226

Prince Rogers Nelson, who allegedly died of a Fentanyl overdose, has matching 226 gematria with Sacrifice.

"Prince Rogers Nelson" = 226 (Ordinal)

Fentanyl and Uttarakhand both = 119

Aaron Rodgers and Baker Mayfield were born exactly 11 years, 19 weeks apart:

Mayfield’s middle name is Reagan. Ronald Reagan, whose middle name is Wilson (the name on an NFL football), was born in 1911

Without the end date, Ronald Reagan was still 1119 months old when he died:

Last night’s Packers/Rams game fell a span of exactly 2 years, 26 weeks (or 911 days) after the Middle Eclipse of Saros 137 over Uttarakhand, India, which was founded on the 9th of November, or 9/11:

911 is the 156th Prime number

Rodgers got his 156th win as starter
The Rams had 156 total yards

Solar and Lunar eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The word Eclipse sums to 156 in Hebrew:

Prince Archie was born 156 days after Rodgers’ birthday:

"Uttarakhand India" = 156 (Ordinal)

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