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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appearance at Met Gala Under Investigation

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez under investigation by House Ethics Committee A statement announcing the House ethics investigation into AOC didn't release any details regarding what it is about

This investigation stems from AOC’s 2021 appearance at the Met Gala, at which she wore a dress that read “TAX THE RICH”. Notice how the text is in red:

I don’t mean to insinuate that the colors on my website have anything to do with what’s going on in the media…because what other color would you use for a cipher called “Satanic Gematria”?

In the Red cipher, TAX THE RICH sums to 466.

"TAX THE RICH" = 466 (Satanic)

The 466th Prime number is 3313

Ocasio-Cortez is 33 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, 3 days old today:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a representative for New York, was born on the 13th of the month, on a date with Primary numerology of 131:(10) + (13) + (19) + (89) = 131

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez = 103 and 131 Reduction

"New York" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

Last year’s Met Gala was held on the 13th of the month. Now she’s under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

"Met Gala" = 130 (Reverse)

"House Ethics Committee" = 313 (Capitals Added)

AOC was exactly 31 years, 11 months old on the date of the 2021 Met Gala:

"Alexandria Ocasio Cortez" = 1003 (Fibonacci) and "TAX THE RICH" = 1030 (Trigonal)

The ultimate Eclipse number is 1331. Today is 1 year, 3 days after the last Total solar eclipse and 311 days before the Annular eclipse over the United States:

AOC is a Libra, which is ruled by the planet Venus. Today is also 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 day after she turned 103 Venusian Days old:

"Venus" = 81 (Ordinal)

Today is the 81st anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks:

Moon / Mars

There are 81 squares in the Magic Square of the Moon:

Moon Magic Square = 81 and 81

In a few hours, the Moon will occult Mars

Moon and Mars both = 57, 51, and 15

Mars‘ detriment is in AOC’s birth sign of Libra. AOC was 16 Martian years, 666 days old for the Met Gala:

666 is an essential number of the Moon. The Moon is an average of ~238,000 miles from Earth:

"Alexandria Ocasio Cortez" = 238 (Ordinal), "Six hundred sixty six" = 2038 (Latin)

"Moon Magic Square" = 666 (Latin)

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