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Adele’s Las Vegas Residency Finally Begins

Adele says she is feeling some nerves as she readies for her Las Vegas debut

Adele’s Las Vegas residency began last night on a date with Primary numerology of 71:(11) + (18) + (20) + (22) = 71

"Las Vegas residency" = 71 (Reduction)

Her final show is scheduled to take place on March 25th, another date with Primary numerology of 71:(3) + (25) + (20) + (23) = 71

This means the program, which features music from the Adele album “30“, runs for 127 days:

"Adele Thirty" = 127 (Ordinal)

In January, I made this post after Adele’s Las Vegas residency was shockingly cancelled just hours before it was scheduled to premiere. I theorized that the show may have been sabotaged in some fashion, although whether or not Adele knew about it beforehand could be debated given her genuine display of emotion during the announcement.

In any event, it’s been ten months since that debacle, and the show is finally ready to get underway, as it did in Las Vegas, Nevada last night for the first time on November 18th, the date leaving 43 days on the calendar:Suicide = 47 and 43

"Las Vegas Nevada" = 43 (Reduction)

November 18th was exactly 43 weeks after it was originally supposed to start:

The final show will be a span of 430 days after that same date:

The show ends exactly 43 weeks before the anniversary of her cancellation:

The 43rd Prime number is 191

"Adele Laurie Blue Adkins" = 191 (Ordinal)


Adele’s full name sums to 731 in Latin.

"Adele Laurie Blue Adkins" = 731 (Latin)

These are the same three digits found in the Hebrew gematria of Saturn. As I’ve brought up in the past, Adele is a Saturnian figure, a relation exhibited in plain view of the public

Saturn sums to 713 in Hebrew gematria:

Adele, whose album 21 is the best-selling album of the 21st century, was originally scheduled to begin her Caesars residency, which features music from the album she released in ’21, on the 21st day of the year. However, she wound up canceling one day before it began, on the 20th of January, or 20/01.

"Caesars" = 21 (Reduction)

Saturn = 21 and "Saturnian" = 2001 (Squares)

Her residency began a span of 9 months, 30 days (or 303 days) after her cancellation:

Saturn = 93 Ordinal and 303 Satanic

The name of the show, Weekends with Adele, yields several more alignments with Saturnian.

Saturnian = 45, 1059, 756, and 385. Weekends = 1059, Adele, = 45, Las Vegas = 756, Nevada = 385

CNN has a typo in their article, but I don’t think it’s a mistake. They say Adele’s show ends on March 23rd, which is a Thursday. It actually ends on a Saturday, which is the 25th.Her shows will now run from November 18 to March 23.

March 23rd is a span of 126 days after November 18th, and the date can be written as 23/3.

Saturnian = 126 Reverse and 233 Caps Mixed

The show’s real end date, March 25th, falls 126 days after the anniversary of the release of Adele’s album 30, which provides the music for the production. Adele was born on the 126th day of a leap year:

30 was released on the same date as this lunar eclipse from Saros series # 126.

More Alignments

Adele’s show began when she was 1802 weeks old. It will run for a span of 18 weeks, 2 days, and end when Adele is 1820 weeks old on the date leaving 281 days on the calendar:

"Adele Laurie Blue Adkins" = 182 (Latin Ordinal) and "Las Vegas" = 182 (Reverse Caps Added)

Saturn’s orbital period of ~29.5 years is nearly identical to the 29.5 days in lunation of The Moon.

The Moon has a Hebrew value of 223 in Standard Gematria:

There are 223 lunar phases in the Moon’s Saros cycle. The residency for Singer Adele Adkins in Las Vegas, Nevada ends in 2023.

"Singer Adele Adkins" = 2023 (Squares)

223 is the Standard value of Las Vegas, Nevada in Hebrew:

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