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NFL Coach Adam Zimmer Dies Suddenly @ 38

Adam Zimmer, the son of former NFL coach Mike Zimmer, was found dead last week in Mendota Heights on Halloween.

"Mendota Heights" = 148 (Ordinal)

Mike Zimmer and Halloween both = 148 Reverse

Halloween falls 148 days after Mike Zimmer’s birthday:

Minnesota is home to musician Bob Dylan, whose birth name of Zimmerman is very similar to Zimmer.

"Bob Dylan" = 148 (Capitals Mixed)

“Death” Code

The former Minnesota assistant was only 38 years old:Adam Zimmer, son of former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, dies at 38

"Minnesota" = 38 (Reduction)

Death, Killing, Murder, and RIP all = 38

In Standard English gematria, the word Death sums to 218.

"Death" = 218 (Standard)

Adam died 218 days before Mike’s next birthday:

Deion Luwynn Sanders = 2018 Latin and 2108 Standard

The Sun reaches 218° of the ecliptic each Halloween. 218 is the area code of northern Minnesota, where Bob Dylan was born. 38 and 218 trace back to the Hebrew values for Moon.

Moon = 38 and 218 Hebrew

In English, Dylan’s full name has matching gematria with The Moon.

Robert Allen Zimmerman = 306 and 99, The Moon = 36 and 99

The Moon has a 57° range of declination:

Dylan was born exactly 570 lunar orbits before Adam Zimmer, who would later die 5 months, 7 days after Dylan’s birthday:

"Bob Dylan" = 75 (Ordinal)

Zimmer died exactly 75 weeks before the next Great American Eclipse:

"Cincinnati Bengals" = 75 (Reduction)

Prior to his death, Adam Zimmer signed on as on “offensive analyst” for the Cincinnati Bengals. His father Mike is currently an “analyst” for Jackson State University, who is coached by former two-sport athlete Deion Sanders, who used to be an “analyst” for CBS and ESPN. Jackson State happens to be undefeated.

A Bengal is a type of Tiger, and Jackson State’s mascot is the Tigers. We are currently in the Chinese year of the Tiger.

Jackson State Tigers = 216, Year of the Tiger = 216 and 72, Michael Zimmer = 216 and 72

Zimmer was discovered deceased 291 days after his birthday:

"Tigers" = 291 (Latin)

Deion Sanders

Zimmer was born in the year ’84

Zimmer, Tigers, and Cincinnati Bengals all = 84

Deion Sanders was born on a date with Standard numerology of 84:(8) + (9) + (67) = 84

Zimmer died when Deion Sanders was 55 years, 84 days old:

"Deion Sanders" = 55 (Reduction), "Jackson State University" = 84 (Reduction)

Halloween fell a span of 8 months, 30 days into the year of the Tiger:

Zimmer died on a date with Primary numerology of 83:(10) + (31) + (20) + (22) = 83

Deion Luwynn Sanders = 83, 97, and 250, Death = 25 and 97, Murder = 83

Adam Zimmer died 83 days after Deion Sanders’ birthday:

End date NOT included

Adam Zimmer was born in 1981. On the calendar, 1981 days is equivalent to 283 weeks.

This means Deion was also a span of 283 days before his next birthday:

283 is the 61st Prime number

Halloween is the date that leaves 61 days in the year:

Deion Sanders was born 6001 days before Adam Zimmer:

Deion was born on August 9th, or 8/9

"Adam" = 89 (Reverse)


Adam was pronounced dead at 1:13
His birthday was January 13th, or 1/13

Zimmer was born on the 13th day of the year, on a date with Primary numerology of 117:January 13th is the 13th day of the year and (1) + (13) + (19) + (84) = 117

"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse)

Jackson State Tigers and Robert Allen Zimmerman both = 117

Jackson State Tigers coach Deion Sanders has Primary birth numerology of 103:(8) + (9) + (19) + (67) = 103

Adam Zimmer = 130 and 1030

Adam Zimmer died on October 31st, or 10/31

Human sacrifice = 130 Ordinal and Ritual human sacrifice = 103 Single Reduction

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