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Re-Visited: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Serial Murder Spree

This post will explore how the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, who allegedly killed and even consumed his victims, was carefully crafted to align itself with a significant solar eclipse over the United States.

In 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized while in prison. This happened on May 10th, the same date that mass murderer John Wayne Gacy died, and the same date that an Annular solar eclipse passed right by Milwaukee, where Dahmer’s reign of terror over the community occurred:

Notice how the point of Greatest Eclipse fell over the state of Ohio. Prior to killing his remaining victims in Wisconsin, Dahmer’s first murder occurred in Bath, Ohio in ’78.

"Bath Ohio" = 78 (Ordinal)

This eclipse fell on the 10th of May, or 10/5. Jeffrey Dahmer, a.k.a. the Milwaukee Cannibal, was born on a date with Primary numerology of 105:(5) + (21) + (19) + (60) = 105

"Milwaukee Cannibal" = 105 (Reverse Reduction)

Dahmer was a homosexual, as were his victims. Homosexuals often engage in anal sex, which is why these murders are aligned with an annular eclipse, which looks like a butthole through the perverted eyes of the elites. The Society of Jesus even put the word SHIT upside-down in their emblem which resembles an eclipse:

Society of Jesus and Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer both = 191 Ordinal

Recall how the false flag mass murder of homosexuals at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was on the date 6/12/2016. This was because Revelation 6:12 mentions both a solar and lunar eclipse.

Skull and Bones

In Ordinal, Annular solar eclipse sums to 215.

"Annular solar eclipse" = 215 (Ordinal)

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 21/5, or May 21st:

This is the same date in history that Skull and Bones founder Alphonso Taft passed away. His secret society has been accused of using homosexual acts for initiation:

The first annular eclipse to occur after Dahmer was born fell on February 15th, or 2/15:

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born exactly 97 weeks before that eclipse:

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and Dahmer both = 97

“Anal eclipse” = 97. In the standard alphabetic order, Cannibalism gives us 97.

"Cannibalism" = 97 (Ordinal)

97 is the 25th Prime number

Dahmer died 25 days after the last Total solar eclipse:

Death = 97, 25, and 213

Most of Dahmer’s murders occurred at his apartment at 213 N. 25th St.

Dahmer was born exactly 69 years after Taft died:"Eclipse" = 69 (Ordinal)Dahmer died at the age of 12,609 days, which fell a span of 192 days after his birthday:

"Eclipse" = 192 (Latin)

The man who murdered Dahmer in prison, Christopher Scarver, was born in ’69 on July 6th, or 7/6, which is the birthday of Skull & Bonesmen George W. Bush. He was 9276 days old on the date of that killing.

"Skull and Bones" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

Dahmer literally kept skulls and bones belonging to his victims.

Skull and Bones = 149 Ordinal, The Milwaukee Cannibal = 1409 Latin

The Netflix miniseries Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was released in the year 2022.

"Skull Bones" = 2022 (Squares)

We are able to predict the date and time of eclipses thanks to the Saros cycle, which lasts 223 lunar phases. This is the Hebrew value for The Moon.

Dahmer committed his first murder shortly after turning 223 lunar phases old:

Twelve of Dahmer’s seventeen alleged murders occurred at his last residence, Oxford Apartments. This has matching 223 gematria with Skull and Crossbones.

Skull and Crossbones and Oxford Apartments both = 223

This number is the inverse of what’s shown on Yale University’s Skull and Bones emblem, 322:

"Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer" = 322 (Reverse)

We’re told that Dahmer killed 17 people
The 17th Prime number is 59

"Skull and Bones" = 59 (Single Reduction)

Kill = 59 and 17

Yale University

Skull and Bones is a fraternity located at Yale University in New Haven, both of which match Jeffrey Dahmer in gematria.

Yale University = 630 Sumerian, Jeffrey Dahmer = 1230 Latin

Dahmer was arrested 1023 days before the 1994 annular eclipse:

The new Jeffrey Dahmer miniseries on Netflix debuted 123 days (or 124 w/ end date) after his birthday:

New Haven and Jeffrey Dahmer both = 124

Yale was founded on the 9th of October, or 09/10 of ’01

"New Haven" = 1019 (Standard)

Dahmer’s first murder occurred 101060 days after the founding of Skull and Bones:

Christopher J. Scarver was the name of the man who killed Dahmer, who himself murdered 1 person in Ohio and 16 in Wisconsin.

"Christopher J Scarver" = 116 (Reverse Reduction)

This syncs up with the Latin value of Cannibal, which also sums to 146 in Standard.

Cannibal = 116 and 146

The killings began 146 years after Skull and Bones was established:

More Eclipse Numerology

Dahmer was finally arrested for his string of murders on the 22nd of July, or 22/7. Without his middle name, Jeffrey Dahmer sums to 227 in the Reverse cipher. This is the 49th Prime number, connecting to Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer = 227 and Dahmer = 49

The eclipse near Milwaukee was in 1994

Total solar eclipse = 994 and 202

Skull and Bones on its own sums to 202.

"Skull and Bones" = 202 (Reverse)Dahmer was killed 202 days after the last solar eclipse:

He died 202 days before the anniversary of his first murder:

That murder happened in Bath Township, Ohio.

"Bath Township Ohio" = 202 (Ordinal)

The 202nd Prime number is 1231

In Latin, Wisconsin = 1231 and Jeffrey Dahmer = 1230

Dahmer died 6007 days after his first murder:

Total solar eclipse, Human sacrifice, and Blood sacrifice all = 67 Reduction

"Christopher" = 67 (Reduction)

He was killed by a man named Christopher on the date leaving 33 days in the year:

The crucifixion of Christ is accompanied with darkness falling over the daytime sky, similar to an eclipse.

"Chris" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)"Eclipse" = 33 (Reduction)

Dahmer and Scarver were born 3333 days apart:

Dahmer was a span of exactly 330 months old when he committed his first murder in Wisconsin:

Dahmer was a span of exactly 330 months old when he committed his first murder in Wisconsin, and it was also a span of 156 days after the anniversary of his first in Ohio:

Dahmer was called the Milwaukee Cannibal, which matches 33 in gematria.

Milwaukee Cannibal = 156, 66, and 303, Thirty-three = 156 and 66

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