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WWE Tough Enough Winner Sara Lee Drops Dead @ 30

Sara Lee: WWE star dies suddenly aged 30

Lee was 30 years old.

Lee and WWE both = 30, WWE logo sideways is 33

Sara Ann Lee won the 6th Season of WWE’s Tough Enough and later got married to fellow professional wrestler Wesley Blake.

"Sara Ann Lee" = 333 (Standard)

Sara Ann Lee died 333 days before her husband’s birthday:

She won the 6th season of Tough Enough
6 is 3+3

"Sara" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

She died during her last day of being 30 years, 3 months old:

Her death fell a span of 33 days after her husband’s birthday:

Check below for her immense connections to the Moon.

It was also 33 days before the next Total Lunar Eclipse:

Lunar and Eclipse both = 33

Her death, not coincidentally, made the news the same day as the season premiere of WWE SmackDown .

Sara Lee died a span of 3 years, 3 days (or 156 weeks) after the premiere of SmackDown on FOX:

The number Thirty-three has matching gematria with Tough Enough, WWE, and Wesley Blake.

Thirty three and Tough Enough is a supermatch. WWE, Wesley Blake, and Weston also connect

33 is a number of Ritual human sacrifice

Thirty three and Ritual human sacrifice both = 895 Latin

News of her sudden death, and the date of WWE SmackDown’s season premiere, was 10/7.

The Moon

Sara Lee was born 90 days before Wesley Blake’s birthday:

The Moon has all sorts of matching gematria with Sara Ann Lee.

The Moon and Sara Ann Lee both = 90, 36, and 279

Those aren’t the only ciphers they match in.

Sara Ann Lee died on the 6th of October, or 6/10
The 61st Prime number is 283

The Moon and Sara Ann Lee both = 283 Latin. Sara Lee = 61, Cory James Weston = 61, and Thirty four = 61

October 6th can also be written as 10/6

WWE Tough Enough Season six = 106, 317, and 304

"Murder" = 317 (Fibonacci)

That 304 is very familiar, isn’t it? Tua Tagovailoa’s injury in Cincinnati was COMPLETELY by the number 304 and the Moon.

Wesley Blake was exactly 434 lunar phases old:

Murder and Sara Lee both = 34

She died on a date with Standard numerology of 38:(10) + (6) + (22) = 38

Murder, Death, Killing, Blake, and Triple H all = 38

“Murder” Code

Recall how she won Tough Enough Season Six.

Murder and Six both = 399 Latin

When she was announced as the winner, she was 79 days after her birthday and 8479 days old:

In Ordinal, Murder sums to 79 and 83, matching the Reduction values of her husband’s full name.

Murder = 79 and 83

Sara Lee was a span of 11079 days old when she died 83 years after Sara Lee was founded:

I thought it was interesting that new head of creative Triple H was out in the ring for the opening of SmackDown tonight.

"Season 6" = 282 (Latin)

The 282nd Prime number is 1831

Wesley Blake lost his wife at exactly 1831 weeks of age:

SmackDown and Blake both = 13 and 31

1+0 + 6 + 2+0+2+2 = 13

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