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The Phantom of the Opera to End Broadway Run

'Phantom of the Opera,' Broadway's longest-running show, announces final curtain call in 2023

In May of this year, I made this post about the numerology of the passing of Phantom, my cat since 2009. The main topic of that post is how her last day on this planet was the same day as a total lunar eclipse, which was rather fascinating. In 2018, I had made this other post showing how The Phantom of the Opera received a significant tribute for the Lunar eclipse in New York.

The, Phantom, of, the, and Opera all = 33 in gematria

Lunar and Eclipse both = 33 Reduction

New York = 33 Reverse

I’ve received a fair number of messages about my cat, mostly showing sympathy, but also expressing awe at the alarming synchronicity. Now that four months have passed, and I have repopulated my house with feline friends, another layer of the onion has exposed itself.

“Moon” Coding

Yesterday’s article states that The Phantom of the Opera‘s last show will be on February 18th, 2023, or 2/18/2023.

In English, Moon sums to 57, which is the number of degrees in its declination.

Moon = 57 Ordinal

February 18th falls 57 days after the start of Lunation #1237:

The Phantom of the Opera = 1237 Fibonacci

1237 is the 203rd Prime number

"Total lunar eclipse" = 203 (Ordinal)

The final show will be on a date with Primary numerology of 63:(2) + (18) + (20) + (23) = 63

"Lunar eclipse" = 63 (Single Reduction)

My cat died on a date with Primary numerology of 63:(5) + (16) + (20) + (22) = 63 = 63

"Euthanasia" = 63 (Reverse Reduction)

The author of The Phantom of the Opera was named Gaston Leroux.

Gaston Leroux = 63 in multiple Reduction methods

Gaston Leroux died on April 15th, or 4/15, which was the birthday of my ex whose house Phantom used to live at. My final bill at the vet in May was $415.

The date of Leroux’s death can also be written as 15/4.

Leroux would be a span of 154 years, 289 days old for the final Phantom show:

"Phantom" = 289 (Latin)

“Eclipse” Riddle

The production’s final show will take place 102 days (or 103 w/ end date) after the last Total lunar eclipse:

Phantom = 102 Reverse and The Phantom of the Opera = 103 Reduction

It will also be 10 months, 3 days after the anniversary of Leroux’s death:

"Total lunar eclipse" = 103 (Reverse Reduction)

13 is a major number of the Moon, which has 13 lunar phases every couple of years. “Moon” begins with the 13th letter and ends with the 13th letter in reverse.

The Moon and Thirteen both = 99

Eclipses always occurs 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases after the last one. In Hebrew gematria, Eclipse equals 156:

This news was published a span of 156 days before the last show:

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