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Nate Diaz Beats Tony Ferguson at UFC 279

UFC 279 results, highlights: Nate Diaz scores late submission of Tony Ferguson in promotional farewell

Nathan Donald Diaz was a span of 148 days after his birthday:

Nathan Donald Diaz = 148

Joe Rogan made an interesting Instagram post this weekend following Nate Diaz’s submission victory over Tony Ferguson:

Why does the picture zoom in to the number 2:09? That’s the time at which Ferguson appears to have tapped out. Joe’s fascination with this number is because Nate Diaz is from Stockton, California, where the Area Code is 209:

What Joe does not divulge, however, is that this is the Latin gematria of UFC.

UFC = 209 Latin

Stockton, California was named after Robert F. Stockton.

Nate Diaz got the win with 2:09 left the same day that Charles was officially proclaimed as King (more on this below).

Nate Diaz = 738 Trigonal, Two oh nine = 738 Sumerian, Charles = 738 Reverse Sumerian

The day before the fight was even 209 days after his opponent’s birthday. In numerology, the number 209 represents 29.

The 29th Prime number is 109
The fight was on the 10th of September, or 10/9

UFC 279

The event was UFC 279

Diaz made it into the UFC by winning Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter. This is the Capital letter gematria of Robert F. Stockton.

The Ultimate Fighter = 279 Reverse

Robert F Stockton = 279

In Reverse, Nathan Donald Diaz has the same gematria as The Ultimate Fighter 5 and 279. Nate is the younger brother of fellow UFC fighter Nickolas Robert Diaz.

The Ultimate Fighter 5, Two hundred seventy nine, Nathan Donald Diaz, and Nickolas Robert Diaz all = 284

279 also has matching gematria with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Two hundred seventy nine = 1019 Satanic and Ultimate Fighting Championship = 1019 Latin

King Charles

The number 279 is highly-significant this week for another reason.

Charles Philip Arthur George = 279 Ordinal

On Thursday, Charles Philip Arthur George succeeded his mother on the throne a span of 279 days after the last Total Solar Eclipse:

His full name also matches the full name of the event.

Charles Philip Arthur George and UFC Two hundred and seventy nine both = 135 and 396

Charles and Five both = 396 Reverse

He won The Ultimate Fighter in the year 2007. In the Latin method, Charles sums to 207.

The Ultimate Fighter = 207 Ordinal, Charles = 207 Latin

Nate Diaz has Latin gematria of 660, matching King in the same cipher. Charles also has an Ordinal value of 66.

Nate Diaz = 660 Latin, King = 66 Latin, Charles = 66 Ordinal

Nate and Diaz both = 66 Caps Added

Five = 66 Reverse

Stockton, California got its name from Robert F. Stockton, who died in the year ’66.

Robert F Stockton = 66

The number 66 connects to King and Diaz’s full name.

Sixty six = 41 and 67, King = 41, 67, and 67, Nathan Donald Diaz = 67

Both of his common names match King in Reduction.

King and Diaz both = 22 and 23, Nate = 23

This numerical riddle connected to the new King fell on a date with Standard numerology of 41:(9) + (10) + (22) = 41

King = 41

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