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Former MLB Player Turned Officer Dies on 9/11

A former MLB pitcher who became a police officer was killed in a crash while on his way to a 9/11 memorial ceremony

Former MLB pitcher Anthony Varvaro was born in New York City, which is the location most of us associate the 9/11 attacks with. In 2001, the year of those attacks, the New York Yankees defeated the 116-win Seattle Mariners to make it to the World Series.

Varvaro was drafted a few years later by the Seattle Mariners, who of course play in Seattle, Washington, debuting in 2010. He died on the date’s Twenty-first anniversary after 2001.

Seattle Mariners, Nine hundred eleven, and Twenty-first all = 179 Ordinal

Seattle Washington and World Trade Center both = 247 and 94

Varvaro’s death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 62:(9) + (11) + (20) + (22) = 62

Seattle Mariners = 62

Seattle is located in King County, and this happened a day after the UK proclaimed a new King. Recall this story from last week of a “King Air”-type aircraft that was connected to the Seattle plane incident rom 2018.

Consider how World Trade Center construction began in ’68. Now a police officer, Anthony Varvaro not only died on September eleventh, but died on his way to a memorial ceremony for the event in a Wrong-way crash that happened on a date with Primary numerology of 62:

Anthony Varvaro = 194 and 68, September eleventh = 194, Two thousand one = 194 and 68, and Wrong way crash = 68

Seattle, Washington = 68

Varvaro had been assigned to the World Trade Center Command Unit during his tenure

Furthermore, his full name connects to September the eleventh. Consider how the two towers, which were taken down on the 11th (one by A.A. Flight 11) in the 11th state, looked like a giant 11.

Anthony Michael Varvaro = 101 and 2207, September the eleventh = 101 and 227

Varvaro, Mariners, September the eleventh, and Plane crash all = 97

Age Alignments

Anthony died in a Wrong-way Car accident exactly 45 weeks after his birthday:

Wrong way and Car accident both = 45 Reduction

This year’s Major League Baseball season got a late start due to the strike. It began on 4/7.

Varvaro died 47 days before the start of the World Series:

Varvaro = 47 Reverse

He made his Major League debut exactly 47 weeks after his birthday:

Authority and Government both = 47

The 47th Prime number is 211

Wrong way crash = 2110 Standard

Ritual human sacrifice = 211 and Killing = 211 Primes

In Satanic gematria, Ritual human sacrifice has that special 911.

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic

911 is the 156th Prime number

Wrong way crash = 1056 Reverse Sumerian

Offending Driver

The name of the other man who died was Henry Plazas. He caused the Car crash that killed the Port Authority officer.

Henry Plazas = 145, Car crash = 145, Port Authority = 145

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