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Singer Olivia Newton-John Dies @ 73

Olivia Newton-John, Pop Singer and ‘Grease’ Star, Dies at 73

73 is an appropriate age for Olivia Newton-John to leave the world stage. As I commonly mention, 73 is the value of both “Sacrifice” and “Ritual sacrifice”. The name Olivia Newton-John has matching 206 and 226 gematria with the word Sacrifice.

Olivia Newton John = 206 and 226, Sacrifice = 206, 226, and 73

Australian = 73

The Australian singer was one of the best-selling female artists of all-time. Although she was world-renowned for her voice, many people remember her most fondly from her role in Grease, a wildly-successful film that solidified the musical as a cinematic art form.

The synchronicity in Newton-John’s passing was evident right off the bat. On August 8th, the same date she died, Grease co-star Eddie Deezen was in the news regarding a nursing home burglary he committed back in April:'Grease' Actor Eddie Deezen Found Not Competent to Stand Trial in Nursing Home Burglary Case: Report

As leader of the “Pink Ladies”, a major character in the movie is named Rizzo, who was played by actress Stockard Channing.

Olivia and Rizzo both = 94

Contemporary sports fans are likely to associate the name Rizzo with World Series champion Anthony Rizzo, who was also in the news on August 8th regarding his recent injury:Yankees hope Anthony Rizzo can return to lineup for Tuesday

This is of particular note because August 8th is Anthony Rizzo’s birthday:

Rizzo won the World Series with the Cubs in 2016, the same year that actress Vanessa Hudgens portrayed Grease’s “Rizzo” in a live-action TV special. She was born in the year ’88.

On the date Olivia Newton-John died, Anthony Rizzo turned 33 years old. Recall how the Crucifixion of Jesus was believed to have occurred at age 33 in the year 33 A.D.

Jesus is the Messiah in the Christian faith. In Judaism, it is believed the Messiah will be entering through the Golden Gate.

The Golden Gate Bridge turned exactly 1139 sidereal months old on the date she died:

A sidereal month is a lunar orbit. When the Golden Gate Bridge opened, a song called There’s a Silver Moon On The Golden Gate was played. That’s because on that date, there was actually a near-Full Moon at the “Golden Gate”, or 266° of the ecliptic (the galactic center). The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, which is the disease that reportedly took her life 316 days after her birthday.

The “Rizzo” / “Cancer” Connections

The date of her death, August 8th, is written globally as 8/8. When he got injured, Rizzo was sitting on 880 career RBI’s:

Notice he was born in the year ’89. The character Betty Rizzo has a birthday of August 9th, or 8/9:

Anthony Rizzo, seen here celebrating with teammate Aaron Judge, wears #48 for the Bronx Bombers:

Anthony Rizzo was born a span of exactly 48 years after Betty Rizzo:

Olivia died of cancer 48 days after the first day of Cancer:

Newton-John was born in the year ’48. This matches her Grease co-star, John Travolta.

John Travolta = 48

The next Great American Total Solar Eclipse falls on April 8th, or 4/8.

Olivia died of Cancer 609 days before the next total Eclipse:

The word Eclipse sums to 69, which is the astrological glyph for Cancer:

This 48-day measurement is important for another reason. When converting, we find she died 1 month, 18 days after the first day of Cancer, and also died 1 month, 18 days before her birthday:

Cancer = 118 Reverse

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

The 118th Prime number is 647

Olivia Newton John = 647 Primes

Her name even matches Cancer in gematria.

In Standard, Olivia Newton John = 1502 and Cancer = 152

The woman who played Rizzo, Stockard Channing, was born in the year ’44 on the date 13/2.

Cancer = 44 and 132

Newton-John = 132 Reverse

Channing’s full birth name sums to 2022, the year we’re currently in.

Susan Antonia Williams Stockard = 2022 Sumerian

Channing was 28,666 days old when Olivia died:

666 is called the Number of the Beast.

Australian actress and Number of the Beast both = 258

The main character of Grease, who played Olivia’s love interest, was 25008 days old when she died:

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