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Failed Reagan Assassin John Hinckley to be Released

The last man to allegedly shoot a president shares a birthday with the last president who was assassinated:

Just yesterday, I made this post that explained how the death of NFL player Jeff Gladney was connected to JFK. Gladney died just over a mile away from Dealey Plaza, where JFK was shot.

Yesterday marked exactly 243 Mercurial orbits since Kennedy died. Learn how the Kennedy assassination was a Mercurial ritual.

"Kennedy" = 243 (Primes)

John Hinckley Jr. was convicted of attempting to assassinate sitting president Ronald Reagan.

John Hinckley Jr. = 162, 72, and 72, Ronald Reagan = 162, Reagan = 72

The 162nd Prime number is 953

Although Reagan survived, press secretary James Brady ultimately succumbed to his injuries 33 years after the 3/30 assassination attempt, which was 3330 weeks after “Kennedy” = 33 was killed.

John Hinckley and James Brady both = 953

John Hinckley was trying to impress actress Jodie Foster.

John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster both = 972

John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan on March thirtieth.

John Hinckley = 186, Ronald Reagan = 218, March thirtieth = 186 and 218

John Hinckley and Reagan both = 134

NFL Riddle

Notice how the headline says “Time to rock and roll.” As it turns out, Hinckley somehow became a musician while locked up, and actually has more YouTube subscribers than I do.

Time to rock and roll and John Hinckley Jr both = 652

“Rock and roll” reminds me of the Lennon assassination, which fell just 112 days before Reagan was shot. Reagan, whose birthday falls 112 days before Hinckley’s, died at the age of exactly 1120 months old. The actor-turned-president was from the city of Tampico, Illinois.

Tampico = 77 and 112

I blogged about Reagan not that along ago – back in March, his name was part of a riddle involving Baker Reagan Mayfield, who was replaced by a QB from Houston.

Baker Reagan Mayfield = 707 and 112, Baker Mayfield = 77 and 112

Houston = 112 and 77

Today is 77 days after the Deshaun Watson signing:

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