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Benches Clear After Racial Incident in New York

White Sox-Yankees benches clear, Tony La Russa accuses Josh Donaldson of making racist remark to Tim Anderson

These stories continue to get more and more ridiculous. On Saturday, there was an incident in the White-Sox Yankees game when Josh Donaldson teased Tim Anderson by calling him “Jackie,” since Anderson boldly compared himself to Jackie Robinson back in a 2019 interview. This is particularly interesting given how their names match in the language of gematria.

Timothy Devon Anderson Jr. = 288 Ordinal, Jackie Robinson = 288 Franc Baconis

On the 28th of August, or 28/8 in 2020, actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Robinson in the 2013 film 42, surprisingly died. This happened during a White Sox-Yankees game that allegedly featured Racism.

In Jewish gematria, White Sox-Yankees = 2013, Racism = 213

Naturally, no opportunity to stand for social justice is ever wasted. Of course, this is nothing more than a staged news story, meant to further whip people into a frenzy over racism when the problem is nowhere near as bad as they’d like us to believe.

“Hold me back, bro! HOLD ME BACK!”

Josh Donaldson has made $132 million during his career. Anderson has earned $24 million, and will certainly sign for many times that in the next year or two. Are these ridiculously-wealthy men REALLY mad at each other?

This riddle connected to Jack Roosevelt Robinson occurred on Saturday, May 21st, or 5/21. The legendary athlete’s full name sums to 521.

"Jack Roosevelt Robinson" = 521 (Franc Baconis)

521 is the 98th Prime number

"Donaldson" = 98 (English Ordinal)

Jackie’s entry into the Major Leagues marked the end of Racial segregation in baseball.

"Racial segregation" = 164 (English Ordinal)

May 21st fell 164 days after Josh Donaldson’s birthday:

Field of Dreams / Eclipse Code

This story is a continuation of the Field of Dreams riddle that began in 2021. In that season, Major League Baseball held its inaugural Field of Dreams game, which ended with a walk-off home run hit by Tim Anderson, the player at the center of Saturday’s controversy.

Saturday’s game fell a span of 283 days after the Field of Dreams game:

"Racist" = 283 (Jewish)

Back in 2018, I made this post that explained how the famous 1989 film was connected to the eclipse code. Coincidentally, I made that post on the anniversary of Robinson‘s death.

"Robinson" = 361 (Jewish)

361 is 19×19. Jackie was born in the year 1919. In Field of Dreams, the main character builds a baseball field that summons the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was at the center of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal during the World Series.

1919 is an extremely-significant Eclipse number. In the year 1919, we had the longest total solar eclipse in 503 years, and the longest annular eclipse in 272 years. This is the Jewish gematria of 1331, the ultimate eclipse number.

"One thousand three hundred thirty-one" = 1919 (Jewish)

The Field of Dreams game was played on the 12th of August, or 12/8. Josh Donaldson was born on December 8th, or 12/8.

Josh Donaldson was 13031 days old for the Field of Dreams game:

1331 has Ordinal gematria of 233, a number shared by Jackie Robinson and Joshua Donaldson.

"Thirteen thirty-one" = 233 (English Ordinal)

Jackie Robinson and Joshua Donaldson both = 233 Reverse

Just yesterday, I made this video about how a murder story was a riddle for Lance Edward Armstrong and the 2023 Eclipse, but I didn’t even mention this:

Lance Armstrong will be 19019 days old on the date of the 2023 Annular eclipse:

"Lance Edward Armstrong" = 1331 (English Extended)

More “Eclipse” Numbers

The word “Eclipse” = 33 in Reduction.

Thirty-three and Eclipse the Sun both = 156 Ordinal

Eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart. The Hebrew word for Eclipse sums to 156:

Using the Fibonacci method, Jackie’s full name sums to 1506.

"Jack Roosevelt Robinson" = 1506 (Fibonacci)

The game was played 156 days before the anniversary of Jackie’s death:

Tim Anderson was a span of 10560 days old (and 33 days before his next birthday):

In Jewish gematria, Eclipse sums to 192.

"Eclipse" = 192 (Jewish)

Josh Donaldson was a span of exactly 1902 weeks old:

The Chicago Black Sox scandal was first discovered in 1920.

The game was played 192 days before Chadwick Boseman’s birthday:

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