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Pro Cyclist Killed by a Woman Named “Armstrong”

Texas woman in love triangle accused of killing pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, police say

Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson was killed on May 11th. However, this story out of Austin, Texas did not reach the national headlines until today, May 21st.

The woman who is accused of killing her is named Kaitlin Armstrong. This is noteworthy considering a man named Lance Armstrong is perhaps the most recognizable cyclist in the world. Lance, who changed his last name from “Gunderson”, was born in Texas, where Wilson was killed.

Although her name was Anna, her nickname was “Mo” for her middle name “Moriah”.

Anna Moriah Wilson was born exactly 1287 weeks after Lance Armstrong:

"Moriah Wilson" = 1287 (Jewish)

So what makes this a national story, and why did they wait so long to publish it?

Today is May 21st, or 21/5

Lance Armstrong‘s full name sums to 215 in Ordinal.

"Lance Edward Armstrong" = 215 (English Ordinal)

The name Anna Moriah Wilson has gematria of 246 in Reverse.

Anna Moriah Wilson and Cyclist Anna Wilson both = 246 Reverse

Today is a span of 246 days after Lance‘s birthday (or exactly 35 weeks):

"Lance" = 35 (English Ordinal)

The murder suspect is 35 years old.

"Cycling" = 35 (Reverse Reduction)

Lance Armstrong was born on the 18th of the month. So was Anna Wilson.

Wilson’s birthday was 18/5. Lance turned a span of 18500 days old the day after she died:

Moon Landing Riddle

The murdered Cyclist was born a span of 9010 days after Lance Armstrong:

"Cyclist" = 91 (English Ordinal)

In Reverse, Cyclist sums to 98, matching Lance Edward Armstrong with the S Exception.

Cyclist, Lance Edward Armstrong, and Lance all = 98

The 98th Prime number is 521

The name “Armstrong” typically reminds people of Neil Armstrong, the first man to allegedly walk on the Moon.

5/21 fell exactly 52 years, 10 months after Neil Armstrong first walked on the Moon:

Armstrong went to the Moon in an Apollo Rocket. This weekend, eSports juggernaut Rocket League is hosting a tournament called “Tour de Rocket League”, which is a pretty strange name considering it’s a game based on soccer:

5/21 fell 2510 days after Rocket League’s release date:

The next Lunation will be #1230:

Rocket League, Outer space, and Conspiracy all = 123 Ordinal

Anna was 25 years old when she died. Exactly 25 years before her date of birth was also 666 days after the first Moonwalk.

Fake Moon landing = 666 Satanic, National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666 Reverse

Colin Strickland

Astronaut Neil Armstrong has matching 186 gematria with Anna Moriah Wilson.

"Neil Armstrong" = 186 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Anna Moriah Wilson" = 186 (English Ordinal)

Wilson was allegedly killed over her relationship with cyclist Colin Strickland, whom Kaitlin Armstrong was dating.

Anna Moriah Wilson died a span of 186 days after Colin’s birthday:

Strickland was born in 1986
The 186th Prime number is 1109

"Wilson" = 1109 (Jewish)

Wilson was born on 5/18. Strickland is a span of 5 months, 18 days before his birthday today:

Eclipse Riddle

Lance Armstrong’s full name sums to 1331.

"Lance Edward Armstrong" = 1331 (English Extended)

Anyone familiar with this blog knows that 1331 is the ultimate Eclipse number. This story out of Austin, Texas, made headlines on the date leaving 224 days in the year:

Austin is second to only neighboring Dallas as the largest city to be in the path of the 2024 Great American Eclipse:

The word Cycling has matching 73 gematria with Solar eclipse.

"Cycling" = 73 (English Ordinal)

"Solar eclipse" = 73 (Reverse Reduction)

Today is 21/5, exactly 73 weeks (or 511 days) before the Annular Solar Eclipse:

"Annular solar eclipse" = 215 (English Ordinal)

"Lance Edward Armstrong" = 215 (English Ordinal)

Wilson was killed on 5/11

 Today’s news is on 5/21. Wilson was murdered 521 days before that same eclipse:

Notice how the 2023 annular eclipse occurs on the 14th of October, or 14/10. Today is the 141st day of the year:

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