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Numerology of the Beatles’ Birthdays (Updated)

The Beatles are the most famous band in all of history. Their music didn’t just change the radio – it changed society as a whole.

The world knows the Beatles as a four-piece band – John LennonPaul McCartneyGeorge Harrison and Ringo Starr. But a little lesser-known fact is that they were originally a five-piece group.

Before making it big, the bass guitar was played by Stuart Sutcliffe. After leaving the band in 1961 to study in art school, he passed away in April of 1962. The four guitarists in the Beatles are remarkably-connected by the numbers.

Sutcliffe was the oldest member of the group. He was born a span of 109 days before John Lennon’s 10/9 birthday:

Lennon was born a span of 618 days before Paul McCartney’s 6/18 date of birth:

The youngest member of the group was George Harrison, whose 25/2 birthday fell 252 days after McCartney’s:

114 / 411

Harrison was born a span of 114 days before the birthday of Paul McCartney, who was born a span of 114 days before John Lennon’s birthday:

The full name of their deceased bandmate sums to 411 in the alphabetic order. His death on April 10th would have made the news on April 11th, or 4/11.

"Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe" = 411 (English Ordinal)

The original drummer of the band was Pete Best. In 1962, the band gave him the boot for poor performance, replacing him with Ringo Starr. Ringo accepted John Lennon’s invitation to join the band on August 14th, 1962, when Lennon was a span of exactly 1140 weeks old:

The two drummers are separated in age by 1 year, 140 days:

Lennon was born 411 days before Pete Best’s 24/11 date of birth, which was in the year ‘41:

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