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Amir Khan Gets Watch Stolen at Gunpoint in London

Boxer Amir Khan says he was robbed at gunpoint in London

According to this news story, boxer Amir Khan was Robbed at gunpoint yesterday.

"Amir Khan" = 75 (English Ordinal)

Robbed at gunpoint = 75 and 750

He was Robbed on a date with a Life Lesson number of 28:(4) + (18) + 2+0+2+2 = 28

"Robbed" = 28 (Full Reduction)

The city he was robbed in sums to 131 in the alphabetic order.

"London, England" = 131 (English Ordinal)

Khan was robbed in London, England 131 days after his birthday:

If you include the end date, that’s 132 days.

London, England = 1320 and England = 132

"Robbed" = 132 (Primes)

Khan’s full name sums to 116 in the alphabetic order.

"Amir Iqbal Khan" = 116 (English Ordinal)

He has Alternate birth numerology of 116:1+2 + 8 + (19) + (86) = 116

The words Robbed and Gunpoint both equal 116.

Robbed and Gunpoint both = 116

On March 2nd, I made this post about the wife of Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim getting robbed at gunpoint by the same numbers.

This robbery fell 1 month, 16 days after Juli Boeheim was in the news:

Amir shares the same last name with the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Today’s news falls 6 months, 11 days after Sadiq’s birthday:

Mayor of London

Today is April 19th, or 19/4 as it is written in London.

Amir Khan was born exactly 194 months after Sadiq:

"Sadiq" = 194 (English Extended)

Sadiq was born on October 8th, or 10/8:

Yesterday’s robbery was on the 108th day of the year:

Amir Khan sums to 179 in the very special Latin/Jewish extended method.

"Amir Khan" = 179 (Jewish)

These are the same digits we get when measuring from the date Sadiq took office.

Sadiq Khan had been the mayor of London for 71 months, 9 days:

719 is the 128th Prime number

Amir Khan was born on December 8th, or 12/8:

Sadiq Aman Khan became the mayor of London, England on May 9th, or 5/9 in 2016.

Sadiq Aman Khan and London, England both = 59

Amir’s incident and the subsequent news story of the Theft fell 59 days after his last fight:

Theft = 59 and 219

That fight was held on February 19th, or 2/19.

The two fighters were born 219 days apart:

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