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Mike Krzyzewski Faces Tom Izzo in NCAA Tournament

One Last Coach K–Tom Izzo Clash Is a Most Fitting Outcome for Their Intertwined Journeys

Back on March 5th, I made this post about Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski, who lost his final regular season game against North Carolina. The post explains how Coach K’s career is being stamped with the “Beast” code. Krzyzewski has been the coach of the Duke Blue Devils for 42 years. Many people (incorrectly) associate the number 666 with the devil.

Last week, I made this post on the death of Traci Braxton, which was connected to the Michigan State Spartans’ win over the Wisconsin Badgers just hours prior. I talked a lot about how that was connected to the year 2015, because Braxton was from Maryland, whose first season in the Big Ten ended in 2015. That same season, both Wisconsin and Michigan State made it to the Final Four, which was won by Duke.

Today, these riddles all intersect with one another. Coach K will be looking for his 99th NCAA Tournament victory against Michigan State University.

"Ninety-nine" = 129 (English Ordinal)

Michigan State and Michigan State University both = 129

“Beast” Riddle

The name Braxton literally means Badger. As I pointed out there, coach Izzo’s next victory would be the 666th of his career. Izzo has won one game since then, meaning he enters today’s game against Duke with 666 wins:

666 represents the relationship between the Moon and the Sun (or Son of God). The Sun’s Magic Square sums to 666:

In the King James (Masonic) Bible, this number is spelled out as Six hundred threescore and six.

"Six hundred threescore and six" = 313 (English Ordinal)

313 is the 65th Prime number
Duke is located in Durham

"Durham" = 65 (English Ordinal)

Today has Primary numerology of 65, and Reduced numerology of 11:(3) + (20) + (20) + (22) = 65 and 3 + 2+0 + 2+0+2+2 = 11

Beast = 11 Reduction and 222 Satanic

2022 is Coach K’s final season at Duke University
Today’s date can be written as 20/3

"Duke University" = 203 (English Ordinal)

Many religious scholars believe that Jesus’ real birthday is September 11th, the 254th day of the year:

"Krzyzewski" = 2504 (Jewish)

Krzyzewski enters today’s game with a total of 308 losses at Duke.

Beast = 308 and 198

Coach K was hired at Duke in 1980. His opponent today will be the Michigan State Spartans.

"Michigan State Spartans" = 1980 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Crucifixion Code

"Michigan State Spartans" = 330 (Reverse Ordinal)

Today is 330 days before Coach K’s birthday:

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Many of those same people believe that Jesus was crucified at the age of 33 in the year 33 A.D. Duke has a 12-3 record against MSU since Coach K took over.

Michael William Krzyzewski = 303 and 123, Crucifixion of Jesus Christ = 303 and 123

Tip-off for the game is scheduled for 5:15 local time.

Jesus = 515 English, Thirty-three = 515 Primes

Today is the 79th day of the year:

"Crucifixion" = 709 (Jewish)

The arena hosting the game is named after Bon Secours, which is in Greenville, South Carolina.

Bon Secours = 610 and 131, Crucifix = 610 and Crucifixion = 131

Greenville, South Carolina = 131, Greenville, SC = 131 and 984, Jesus = 985

South Carolina was in the path of the 2017 total eclipse. According to the gospels, the sky fell dark during the crucifixion, much like a solar eclipse.

Total Eclipses

Today is 211 days after the anniversary of the eclipse that ended in South Carolina:

Mike Krzyzewski and Six hundred sixty-six =211

211 is the 47th Prime number

"Duke Blue Devils" = 470 (Primes)

Today is a span of exactly 4 years, 7 months since the Total eclipse that passed over South Carolina:

Total eclipse and Beast both = 47

The mathematics of the circle are resolved with Pi, or 3.14.

"Duke University Blue Devils" = 314 (English Ordinal)

"Eclipse" = 314 (Satanic)

There is a very powerful secret society named after Jesus – the Jesuit Order. Their symbol is circular, representative of an Eclipse:

The name Michael Krzyzewski matches The Society of Jesus, which syncs up with Pi, or Three point one four. Notice how his name actually equals 3140 as well.

The Society of Jesus = 224 and 235, Michael Krzyzewski = 224, 235 and 3140, Three point one four = 224 and 235

The second Great American Eclipse falls in the year 2024.

Today is 2 years, 19 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

"Duke" = 219 (Jewish)

Today’s game also falls a span of 107 days after the last Total solar eclipse, and 107 weeks before the next:

"Duke University Blue Devils" = 107 (Full Reduction)

That last eclipse was on 12/4. A loss today would give Krzyzewski a 12-4 lifetime record against Tom Izzo.

"Tom Izzo" = 124 (English Ordinal)

Krzyzewski was born on February 13th, or 2/13, making the fact that he has spent most of his career coaching in Durham, North Carolina all the more interesting.

"Durham, North Carolina" = 213 (English Ordinal)

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