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WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall Dies @ 63

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Scott Hall dies

Pro wrestler Scott Hall has reportedly passed away following complications from surgery. This riddle is connected to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Scott Hall
Hall of Fame…

Scott Hall died 2900 days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

"Scott Hall" = 29 (Full Reduction)

The WWE Hall of Fame is 29 years old
This year’s class is the 29th (2020 was skipped)

Hall’s character, “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon, was based on Tony Montana from Scarface.

"Scarface" = 29 (Full Reduction)

It was also a span of exactly 29 weeks after WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s birthday:

After Hall left WWE, there was even a fake Razor Ramon for a little while. He died on the 20th of September, or 20/9.

Razor Ramon was a founding member of the nWo. He died yesterday of Heart issues on Pi day.

Ramon, nWo, Heart, and Pi all = 29

His full name matches Hall of Fame.

Scott Oliver Hall and Hall of Fame both = 191

Hall was born in the year ’58. His character’s name Razor Ramon has matching Reduction values with WWE Hall of Fame, including 59.

Razor Ramon and WWE Hall of Fame both = 58 and 59

Hall‘s death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 59:(3) + (14) + (20) + (22) = 59

"Hall" = 59 (Francis Bacon)

"Kill" = 59 (Jewish)

Scott and his best friend Kevin Nash (whose middle name is Scott) famously left WWE to join WCW as the Outsiders.

Outsiders and Hall and Nash both = 59

Hall was part of a highly-influential group in wrestling called The Kliq.

Kliq = 59 and 49

Hall died from a Heart attack a span of exactly 49 weeks after most of the Kliq was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

The fake Razor Ramon also died of a Heart attack just like Hall. Bognar was 49 years old.

Hall = 49, Heart attack = 409

This year’s WrestleMania will be held in Dallas.

"Dallas" = 49 (English Ordinal)

The nWo was inducted in St. Petersburg, Florida. This stands out because Vladimir Putin, who is currently “The Bad Guy” to the New World Order in the media, was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which was called Leningrad, USSR at the time.

WrestleMania 38 “Death” Code

The WWE’s flagship event is WrestleMania, which has been held every year since 1985. Scott Hall has matching 632 gematria with Dallas, Texas, the site of this year’s WrestleMania.

Scott Hall and Dallas, Texas both = 632

This year’s edition will be WrestleMania 38. This is a number associated with Death.

Death, Killing, RIP, and Murder all = 38

The 2002 film Murder by Numbers embeds the number 38 in its poster:

"Scott Hall" = 38 (Single Reduction)

"nWo" = 380 (Fibonacci)

The 38th Prime number is 163
The 38th Triangular number is 741

The Outsiders = 163 Ordinal and 741 Jewish

March 14th was 163 days before McMahon’s next birthday:

In Reduction/Pythagorean, Death sums to 20.

"Death" = 20 (Full Reduction)

His death also fell 20 days before both days of WrestleMania:

New World Order

The Outsiders were a big deal upon their arrival in WCW, but they really took off after Hulk Hogan, the most popular babyface in the history of the business, turned his back on the fans to join their ranks. This move turned “The Outsiders” into the “New World Order“, or nWo:

"Bash at the Beach" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

The huge swerve was at Bash at the Beach, which fell on 7/7, the date that leaves 177 days in the year:

"New World Order" = 177 (Reverse Ordinal)

The name Hulk Hogan sums to 97. I just made this post which explains how he was named after Ben Hogan, who died in ’97. Kevin Nash was born on July 9th, or 9/7.

"Hulk Hogan" = 97 (English Ordinal)

During his time in WWE, Hall’s character’s nickname was “The Bad Guy“.

""The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon" = 97 (Full Reduction)

Fake Razor Ramon died a span of 907 days before the real Razor:

This has matching gematria with Death in Reverse. Hall died on Pi day.

Death = 97 and 25 Reverse
97 is the 25th Prime number

"Pi" = 25 (English Ordinal)

"Ramon" = 25 (Full Reduction)

Scott Hall passed away 20 weeks, 5 days after his birthday:

Hall died from Heart trouble 25 years, 250 days after the birth of the New World Order, and 2 weeks, 5 days before WrestleMania begins:

"Heart" = 25 (Full Reduction)

Hulk Hogan was 25,052 days old when Hall died:

Heart and nWo both = 52 Ordinal

Hulk Hogan’s real name is Terry Bollea.

Terry Bollea and Scott Hall both = 52

Hall died 1074 days after the rest of the Kliq was inducted into the Hall of Fame as D-Generation X:

Dallas, Texas has double gematria of 1074. This syncs up with the values of both New World Order and nWo.

Dallas, Texas = 1074 Trigonal and Reverse Sumerian

"New World Order" = 174 (English Ordinal)

"nWo" = 174 (Reverse English Sumerian)

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