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Cain Velasquez Jailed for Vigilante Justice Attempt

Judge in Cain Velasquez case ‘concerned about safety’ and ‘asked for protection’

I’ve gotten a few questions about this news story so I figured I’d take another look. Out of all the sad and depressing things going on in the news on a day-to-day basis, this one has got to be all the way up there.

Some will theorize that this is a fake news story, but something tells me it’s not. Even if it was, does it even matter? Pedophilia is a real issue that affects people in this country every single day, and I would bet there’s a few dozen similar cases going on right now that don’t involve a celebrity.

Even I have a piece of shit cousin whom our family has disowned due to his multiple offenses. The guy is related to me, and I would still like to disfigure him, so I totally understand Cain’s rage here. Blindly firing a gun into a car with other people though? Unfortunately, this puts a toe over the line when it comes to vigilante justice.

"Cain Velasquez" = 1644 (Jewish)

Cain Velasquez was 14460 days old on the date of the shooting:

These are the same digits in his Ordinal gematria when omitting the accented “i’ in Caín.

"Can Velasquez" = 146 (English Ordinal)

Velasquez was also exactly 39 years, 7 months old:

The man he was shooting at was named Goularte.

"Goularte" = 379 (Satanic)

This is about Vigilante justice.

Vigilante and Goularte both = 99 and 45

It was on the date leaving 306 days in the year, which had a Life Lesson number of 36:

"Vigilante" = 306 (Primes)

This means the shooting occurred on the 59th day of the year:

"Pedophilia" = 59 (Full Reduction)

The 59th Prime number is 277

This is the Reverse value of Cain’s full name, again with the accented “i” omitted.

"Can Ramirez Velasquez" = 277 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Cain and Abel” Riddle?

The name Cain is a very biblical one, as he was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Cain famously murdered his younger brother Abel, causing God to cast him off as a wanderer. Cain & Abel matches Harry Goularte in gematria.

Cain & Abel and Harry Goularte both = 169

The same day as this shooting, which occurred in northern California, there was a shooting at a Church in nearby Arden-Arcade.

Cain Ramirez Velasquez and Church both = 101

Similar to the story of Cain and Abel, it was a case of familicide. The shooter was even 39 years old, which is the same age as Velasquez.

Both events occurred on February 28th, written 2/28 or 28/2.

"Arden-Arcade, CA" = 228 (Jewish)

"Cain & Abel" = 282 (English Sumerian)

Some more overlap to share:

Harry Goularte = 70 and 74, Cain Velasquez = 70, Arden-Arcade = 70, 74, and 47, Cain & Abel = 47

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