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Eminem Kneels During Super Bowl Halftime Show

One of the featured performers in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show was Eminem. As the only white rapper to be featured, his numerology is a key element to the show. This post will examine how his kneeling is connected to former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick, who was the first man to start the kneeling trend in 2016.

The name “Eminem” is phonetically identical to how we say “M&M’s”. At NASCAR’s Clash in Los Angeles just one week before the Super Bowl in the same city, we had a big M&M ritual when Kyle Busch’s M&M car was passed by Joey Logano for the victory in connection to the death of Moses J. Moseley.

Eminem was 49 years, 119 days old for the Super Bowl:

Eminem = 149 and 119

In an NFL season that was all about the number 13, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show fell right in place. The first chord strikes at 0:23. The final chord strikes at 13:36. This means the music lasted exactly 13:13. Consider how Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers, which represents 13-13.

After nearly a decade of struggles in the industry, Eminem struck it big with the release of the Slim Shady EP:

Mathers was exactly 1313 weeks old when the Slim Shady EP was released:

This is like 2 13s

"Racism" = 213 (Jewish)

The game was played on 2/13
L.A. is home to the 213 area code
2:13 on a clock is 133 minutes
Eminem’s nickname is Slim Shady

"Slim Shady" = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)

1:33 on a clock is 93 minutes
Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers

Marshall Mathers, Colin Rand Kaepernick, and Kaepernick all = 93

Eminem made his major film debut in 8 Mile.

"Eight Mile" = 930 (Reverse English Sumerian)

The first time Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem was August 26th, 2016. His act of defiance would evolve into taking a knee, which was paid homage by Eminem:

The Slim Shady EP was released in 1997

Eminem took a knee 1997 days after Kaepernick’s first protest:

This year’s Super Bowl was played 19 years, 97 days after the release of 8 Mile:

Mathers was 10979 days old when that film came out:

If you were to include the end date, he was 10980 days old. These are the same digits found in the Sumerian value of Kaepernick’s full name.

Colin Rand Kaepernick = 1098 and 1980 Sumerian

Eminem began his rapping career in ’88, shortly after the birth of Colin Kaepernick:

"Colin Kaepernick" = 88 (Reverse Reduction)

"Kneel" = 88 (Reverse Ordinal)

Eight Mile = 88 and 155

Colin Kaepernick was 15 years, 5 days old when Eight Mile came out:

8 Mile was released on November 8th, or 11/8, syncing up with Eminem’s Primary birth numerology:(10) + (17) + (19) + (72) = 118

The name of the film, whether using letters or numbers, has gematria that syncs up with Kneel and Colin Kaepernick, who went to college at Nevada.

8 Mile, Eight Mile, and Kneel all = 47, Colin Rand Kaepernick = 470

"Nevada" = 47 (English Ordinal)

While the Slim Shady EP put Eminem on the map, it wasn’t until the Slim Shady LP where his popularity truly exploded.

Kaepernick was exactly 590 weeks old when Eminem released the Slim Shady LP:

"Eminem" = 59 (English Ordinal)

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