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Super Bowl LVI – Sean McVay, Matt Stafford, and Bobby Layne

Urban Legends of the NFL: The Curse of Bobby Layne

Early on in the 1958 season, the Detroit Lions traded their star quarterback, three-time NFL champion Bobby Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Layne was so upset with the move, legend has it that he “cursed” the team by claiming they would not win for another 50 years:Teammates and beat writers milled about as the colorful, quotable and wildly popular Layne packed his belongings into a suitcase for Pittsburgh. As he left the Lions locker room for the last time, Layne delivered a parting shot at his foolish former employers. This team will not win for another 50 years, he said.

50 was an interesting choice for a man named Bobby Layne, whose first season with the Lions was in ’50. He made this statement on his way out of Detroit, MI for Pittsburgh to play for the Steelers.

Bobby Layne, Detroit, MI, Pittsburgh, and Steelers all = 50 in Reduction

Matthew Stafford was born 50 days after Layne’s birthday:

50 years after 1958 was 2008. In that year, the Lions became the first team to finish a 16 game season without a single victory:

This winless season gave the Lions the first overall draft pick in 2009, which they used to draft quarterback Matthew Stafford:

Stafford was born in ’88, 22330 days after Layne:

The Curse of Bobby Layne = 88 and 223

Perhaps this has something to do with why rapper 50 Cent made a surprise appearance during the halftime show.


Incredibly, Matthew Stafford attended the same high school as Bobby Layne – Highland Park.

"Highland Park" = 62 (Reverse Reduction)

Matthew Stafford was born a span of exactly 62 weeks after Bobby Layne died:

"Matthew Stafford" = 62 (Full Reduction)

"Georgia" = 62 (English Ordinal)

Stafford, who went to college at Georgia, was led to victory in Super Bowl LVI by coach Sean McVay, who picked up his 62nd career victory over Joseph Burrow and the Bengals. It was even the Rams’ 625th win in franchise history.

"Joseph Burrow" = 62 (Full Reduction)

Bobby Layne retired after the ’62 season

Layne was traded to the Steelers 62 years before Stafford went to the Rams:

“Thirteen” Coding

Again, Layne issued his curse when he was traded from Detroit to Pittsburgh. Earlier this season, Detroit and Pittsburgh played the only Tie game of the season:

Stafford was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams.

Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams both = 160 Ordinal

This game was played exactly 13 weeks before the Super Bowl:

Bobby Layne = 103, Pittsburgh = 130, Steelers = 130 and 113

Rams head coach Sean McVay was born on a date with Primary numerology of 130:(1) + (24) + (19) + (86) = 130

Sean McVay = 103 and 1300

Stafford’s first season in L.A. was the 13th of his career.

"LA" = 13 (English Ordinal)

13 squared is 169

Sean McVay was 13,169 days old for Super Bowl LVI:

Stafford’s date of birth is also a span of 1 year, 69 days after Layne’s death:

13 × the 13th Prime (41) = 533

The Rams hired McVay a span of 5 years, 33 days before Super Bowl LVI:

The 13th Triangular number is 91
SB LVI was McVay’s 91st career game as coach

"John Matthew Stafford" = 91 (Single Reduction)

Bobby Layne was born in 1926McVay = 19 and 26

Sean McVay sums to 347 in Primes, which is the Jewish/Latin value of the number Thirteen.

"Sean McVay" = 347 (Primes)

"Thirteen" = 347 (Jewish)

Bobby Layne died 347 days after his birthday:

Stafford won the Super Bowl at the age of 34 years, 7 days:

347 is the 69th Prime number

"Super Bowl LVI" = 69 (Reverse Reduction)

More Connections

Stafford has Primary birth numerology of 116:(2) + (7) + (19) + (88) = 116

Bulldog = 116 and 433

Converting to days, Stafford was born 433 days after Layne died:

The last team Bobby Layne played for prior to his time in Detroit was the New York Bulldogs. The last team that Matthew Stafford played for prior to his time in Detroit was the Georgia Bulldogs.

Stafford’s victory in last night’s Super Bowl fell in the year ’22. Bobby Layne wore #22 for each NFL team he played for:

Matt Stafford was born exactly 2 years, 2 weeks after his head coach:

Super Bowl 56 fell 56 days after Bobby’s birthday:

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