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Joey Logano Wins NASCAR’s Clash at the Coliseum

The attendance on race day wasn’t much higher than this

The first-ever NASCAR race at the Los Angeles Coliseum was held on February 6th, or 2/06, which is the 37th day of the year, leaving 328 days on the calendar:

Los Angeles Coliseum = 206, Los Angeles = 37 and 328

NASCAR has Ordinal gematria of 56.

"NASCAR" = 56 (English Ordinal)

Los Angeles also hosts Super Bowl 56, which will be played on 2/13 in the 213 area code. The game will feature quarterback Joseph Lee Burrow.

Joseph Lee Burrow and Joey Franchise both = 213 Reverse

The Clash was won by another Joe – Joseph Thomas Logano.

"Joseph Thomas Logano" = 213 (English Ordinal)

2+1=3. In the post-race interview, we learned Logano’s wife was about to have their third baby that weekend.

The race was held on February 6th, or 6/2. The name Joseph Burrow sums to 62 in Reduction.

"Joseph Burrow" = 62 (Full Reduction)

Joseph Burrow was born 6 years, 200 days after Joseph Logano:

The 200th Prime number is 1223

"Joey Logano" = 1223 (Jewish)

Burrow is 1312 weeks old:

Burrow = 1312

Joey drives the #22 car, fitting for the first exhibition race of ’22. The Clash began in the year ’79, which is the 22nd Prime number:

Joseph Thomas Logano = 666 Primes, Pennzoil = 666 Sumerian

The runner up was Kyle Busch, which stands out because the race was sponsored by Busch Light. More on this in my post on Moses J. Moseley.


Even though I never watch NASCAR, the novelty of this track caused me to pull up a video on YouTube, hoping to watch some qualifying or heat races. Instead, I ended up clicking on this video, which was actually the iRacing simulation of the weekend’s event.

Equally annoyed and intrigued, I skipped to the end of the video to watch the finish. I was pretty alarmed when I learned the winner, Casey Kirwan, had just changed his number to 95 before the race.

The reason for the change was because that’s the number of Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars (see how Lightning was previously coded into a race):

Casey Kirwan = 168, Lightning McQueen = 1068, Logano = 168

In the film, Lightning races at the fictional Los Angeles International Speedway, which looks similar to the L.A. Coliseum:

The soundtrack for Cars was by Randy Newman, whose song “I Love L.A.” is frequently played over the speakers at events in the city, as it was at this weekend’s Clash.

The name Casey Kirwan has matching gematria with Ninety-five.

Casey Kirwan and Ninety-five both = 129 Ordinal

The only other number with Ordinal gematria of 129 is 99.

"Ninety-nine" = 129 (English Ordinal)

According to this Tweet, Casey turned 21 in 2020, meaning he was born in ’99. The L.A. Coliseum is currently 99 years old. It’s in California, whose date of statehood is 9/9. The 9th Prime number is 23, and the Coliseum even opened in 1923.

In Ordinal, L.A. = 13, Thirteen = 99

Casey was born on July 30th, or 30/7.

Casey = 53, Los Angeles = 37 and 53

Kirwan‘s birthday fell 76 years, 206 days after the Los Angeles Coliseum opened:

In Ordinal, Kirwan = 76, The Clash = 76, Los Angeles Coliseum = 206

In the post-race interview, Casey explains how badly he wanted to win the race, even though he didn’t quite know why. Do his numerical connections to the Coliseum have something to do with this?

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