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Zachary K. Hubbard’s Wild Connections to the Super Bowl

A few days ago, Zach made a post on YouTube showing how Joe Burrow was first mentioned on page 213 of his book, and how wild that is considering he just overcame a 21-3 deficit to play in the Super Bowl on 2/13 in the 213 area code (click to enlarge):

Joseph Lee Burrow and Joey Franchise both = 213 Reverse

Decode Your Reality made this video in response. In that video, he points out how there are more layers to the synchronicities than what Zach even pointed out – layers that are clearly too deep to be the idea or workings of someone who is also creating so much content.

It’s along the lines of what I said in my video from 2020 where I make the case that Zach himself, as someone who has affected a big chunk of the human conscience, is also coded “by the numbers”, all the way down to Hollywood films that showed have shown and taught gematria.

As I commonly say – “there’s always more.” And there is indeed more to Zach Hubbard‘s connection to the Bengals this year.

"Hubbard" = 56 (English Ordinal)

Consider that the current Bengals head coach, who took them to Super Bowl 56, is named Zac, and it’s also short for Zachary:

Zachary K. Hubbard was born in ’83
Zachary Taylor was born in ’83

Zachary Taylor was born on the 130th day of the year:

Zachary K. Hubbard was born on a date with Primary numerology of 130:(7) + (21) + (19) + (83) = 130

Sam Hubbard

On top of that, the Bengals have a player named Hubbard. Playing for his hometown team, Sam Hubbard has birth numerology of 130 and 149:(6) + (29) + (95) = 130(6) + (29) + (19) + (95) = 149

Zachary K. Hubbard = 1300 and 149

Sam actually had a pretty big game against the Chiefs, sacking Mahomes twice and adding another Tackle-for-Loss. Sam Hubbard wears #94:

"Zach Hubbard" = 94 (English Ordinal)

Both Hubbards share the same 89 gematria (I’ve been unable to find a middle name for Sam).

"Sam Hubbard" = 89 (English Ordinal)

"Zachary Keefe Hubbard" = 89 (Full Reduction)

"Zach Hubbard" = 809 (Jewish)

The number 89 has Jewish gematria of 623.

"Eighty-nine" = 623 (Jewish)

Sam Hubbard was born exactly 623 weeks after Zachary K. Hubbard:

Recall the 89 connection with Tim Anderson, born on 6/23, at the Field of Dreams game. That game-winning home run was hit off a pitcher named Zack, which seems like a foreshadowing of these syncs.

Freemasonry Riddle

Sam Hubbard wears #94. Zachary K. Hubbard is called a Conspiracy theorist.

Ninety-four and Conspiracy both = 123, 147, 51, and 57

147 is a number connected to Freemasonry, which has the 47° compass.

"Freemason" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)

Zach will be 14087 days old for the Super Bowl:

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 1487 Jewish

I’m not insinuating he’s a Freemason or anything – but he has done a lot to expose them, as well as the Jesuit Order.

Jesuit Order = 72, Cincinnati Bengals = 105, Masonry = 105

Zach was born 72 days after Zac’s 10/5 birthday:

Cincinnati is named after the Society of the Cincinnati, which is another secret society connected to George Washington, who was an acknowledged Freemason.

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