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1 Dead in School Shooting in Richfield, Minnesota

One student dead, another injured in Richfield, Minnesota, shooting, police chief says

This is connected to the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz:Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said on Twitter Tuesday afternoon he was being briefed on the situation. "Our Department of Public Safety is in touch with local law enforcement and we are monitoring the situation closely," the governor wrote.

Today is 2/1/22

Timothy James Walz is 21120 days old, and today is his 1122nd day in office:

"Timothy James Walz" = 212 (Reverse Ordinal)

Minnesota was the 32nd state added to the Union. Today is the 32nd day of the year:

"Tim Walz" = 32 (Full Reduction)

Tim Walz was born in 1964:

Minnesota is currently 1964 months old:

His birthday is April 6th, written 4/6 or 6/4.

Today is also 64 days before his birthday:

"School shooting" = 64 (Reverse Reduction)

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