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Michigan Scores 42 Points With “42” On Their Uniforms

Sometimes the media makes my decodes a lot easier:Michigan scores 42 points in Big Ten title game as they honor Oxford High School shooting victims

The O on the Wolverines’ uniform today is the 15th letter.

Harbaugh = 42 and 150

Today was the date of this year’s only Total Solar Eclipse, the big “O” in the sky:

"Eclipse" = 42 (Single Reduction)

The number 42 has matching Ordinal gematria with Wolverines and Eclipse sacrifice.

Forty-two = 142, Wolverines = 142, Eclipse sacrifice = 142

The initials TM stand for Tate Myre, the football player allegedly killed in this past week’s Shooting at Oxford HS.

Tate Myre = 107 and 109, Shooting = 107 an 109, Oxford HS = 109 and 107

Jim Harbaugh called Tate Myre a 'hero' after the game

Hero and Tate both = 46 and 62

"B1G" = 46 (Reverse Ordinal)

Big Ten Conference and Oxford both = 82 and 80

The Oxford shooting was on a date with Primary numerology of 82:(11) + (30) + (20) + (21) = 82

The names in this story are so strange. The shooter was Ethan Crumbley…like the crumbling economy in the US…Tate Myre…the States are mired in multiple crises – just thinking out loud. Well…thinking with my fingers. I don’t actually say out loud what I’m typing. Running numbers is “weird” enough.

One of the other victims is even named Baldwin. How odd is that, considering Alec Baldwin was back in the news this week because of a stupid interview he gave on the Rust shooting.

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