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Why I Was Investigating Truck Attacks Before Today’s Truck Attack

'Multiple' people dead and dozens injured after SUV drives through Waukesha Holiday Parade

Today, there was a truck attack at the Waukesha County Christmas Parade about 10 miles from my house.

Just yesterday, I was refreshing my memory about the Nice truck attack from 2016, as my history shows:

Why was I looking up a truck attack before today’s truck attack? No, I didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s because I was provided a numerology clue that the 2016 attack was aligned with today’s date.

My main man Bobby is literally some kind of wizard. Here’s what he sent me yesterday (click to enlarge):Monday is the 58th anniversary of JFK. Stamps went up to 58 cents on 8/29 85 days before the 58th anni. United States Postal Service = 1957 Jewish. JFK life span in days is 16979 the 1957th prime. Caroline Kennedy born in 1957 as well as Osama Mercury has a rotational period of 58 days. United States Postal Service = 888 fibonacci 1957 days b4 11/22/2021 was the Nice truck attack 7/14/2016

"John F. Kennedy" = 58 (Reverse Single Reduction)

The Waukesha Christmas Parade was the 58th annual edition, on the eve of the 58th anniversary of the assassination.

The date November 22nd was mentioned – however, November 21st was 1957 days after the Nice truck attack with the end date included:

"United States Postal Service" = 1957 (Jewish)

Waukesha is a suburb of Milwaukee, who won the World Series in 1957. The current US Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, was born in 1957. He assumed the role on June 16th, written 6/16.

JFK = 616, US Post Office = 919

Gematria supports the idea that the JFK Assassination, which happened on 11/22, would be aligned with a Vehicle ramming attack.

JFK Assassination = 1122, JFK Conspiracy = 1122, Vehicle ramming attack = 1122

The name of the suspect in custody is Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.

Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. and John Fitzgerald Kennedy both = 233 and 334

Andy Griffith / Tony Evers Connections

The fact that this was a Christmas parade is no coincidence either. SUV attack sums to 12/25, which is the date of Christmas.

"SUV attack" = 1225 (English Extended)

JFK’s Assassin allegedly shot him from 411 Elm St.

"Assassin" = 411 (Jewish)

On Christmas day, two years before the JFK assassination, it is revealed that Barney lives at 411 Elm St on the Andy Griffith Show.

"Christmas" = 411 (Jewish)

4×11 = 44. That was the 44th episode of the series. JFK won the 44th U.S. Presidential election and died exactly 44 years after a major Annular Eclipse that began in Texas, where he died.

Today’s attack occurred at 4:40 pm. The 44th Prime number is 193.

In Reverse, both John F. Kennedy and Assassinated = 193

Tony Evers

The governor of Wisconsin is Tony Evers. Notice how he is not to be confused with Tony Evers from the Rocky films:For the character from the Rocky films, see Tony "Duke" Evers.

Bobby had brought up the film Rocky IV two days prior to his other message:Mercury = Rocky IV in all four base methods. Ivan Drago kills Apollo at the MGM in Las Vegas Maybe connected to Ruggs somehow There was a Julius Jones football player He was shot 216 weeks 1 day before he died. 2161 the 326th prime. Final album release on 3/26 266 weeks bt first and last album

Today is the anniversary of Rocky IV‘s premiere

Rocky IV was a topic because Dolph Lundgren, who was born in 1957, was in the film, which came out in 1985. We just had the death of rapper Young Dolph, who was born in 1985, followed by the massive Adolf Hitler riddle with the Rittenhouse trial and Austrian vaccine mandate.

"Dolph Lundgren" = 150 (English Ordinal)

The attack occurred during Tony Evers’ 1050th day in office:

"Darrell Brooks" = 150 (English Ordinal)

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