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Observation About Mac Jones

This has been a week of big lunar eclipse riddles, as should be expected. This morning, we had the longest eclipse to occur within a 1200-year window.

On November 17th, rapper Young Dolph was killed for the eclipse, and last night, Mac Jones cemented his spot as the Patriots’ new QB on national television.

Young Dolph died 338 days after the “Jesuit” eclipse over Argentina, where the first Jesuit Pope is from:

Jesuit and The Jesuit Order both = 84

In ’84, the Original Macintosh computer was first released immediately following a Super Bowl ad reminding us of Big Brother in the film 1984:

Dolph was born exactly 5,338 months after the formation of the Jesuit Order:

Mac Jones was born 5338 days after the introduction of the first Macintosh computer:

Macintosh changed to Mac in 1998:

Mac Jones was born in 1998
1998 is 666×3

Macs are made by Apple, whose original Apple I sold for $666.66:

This all occurring the same week as Austria imposes Mandatory Vaccination?

Mandatory and Vaccination both = 666 Sumerian

666 days is 95 weeks. Mac was born on 9/5.

Six hundred sixty-six and Partial lunar eclipse both = 95

The first Macintosh came out on a date with a Life Lesson number of 47. The number of the Beast is revealed in Revelation. Beast = 47. The four Beasts are first described in Revelation 4:7, which has Reduction gematria of 471:"And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle" = 471 (Full Reduction)

Macintosh has matching 471 gematria with Revelation.

"Revelation" = 471 (Satanic)

Macintosh = 471 and 331

Also notice the 331 in Jewish. Revelation was written by John of Patmos about the Second coming of God’s son.

Patmos, Second coming, and God's son all = 331 in Jewish gematria

The 331st Prime number is 22:21
Revelation ends with verse 22:21

Can we derive a clue from all of this?

January 30th, which is the date of the AFC Championship Game, falls exactly 1984 weeks after the Super Bowl ad for the first Macintosh computer in 1984. This is also 13,888 days, which does remind me of how old Baker Mayfield was for the news story involving Julius Jones – exactly 1388 weeks. This makes me think the Browns, Titans, and Patriots are most likely to be playing for a trip to the Super Bowl but I’d have to dig a bit more.

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