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“Astro” of UB40 Dies Right After Astroworld Tragedy

UB40 founding member Astro dies following short illness

The death of Terence Wilson made headlines in the early morning hours of November 7th, or 11/07.

"Terence Wilson" = 1107 (English Extended)

A musician named Astro dies the same day that we learn about the Astroworld tragedy, which occurred just three days after the Houston Astros were eliminated from the World Series? Could the coincidence factor be any higher here?

The Houston Astros just finished their 57th season. The Astroworld incident occurred on a date with Primary numerology of 57:(11) + (5) + (20) + (21) = 57

Astro, who was born in ’57, died at the age of 64.

"Houston, Texas" = 64 (Single Reduction)

The founding UB40 member died on 11/6, which is an upside-down 911.

"UB40" = 116 (Primes)

"Wilson" = 1109 (Jewish)

Ritual human sacrifice = 911 Satanic, Total Eclipse = 911 Greek

Eclipse Sacrifice Code

Terence Wilson was born on the anniversary of modern Freemasonry, which is June 24th, or 6/24.

"Jesuit" = 624 (English Extended)

In Ordinal and Reduction, Jesuit has the same gematria with Sunday.

Sunday and Jesuit both = 84, 78, and 21

We learned about his death on November 7th, a Sunday, which leaves 54 days in the year:

Sun and Jesuit Order both = 54

The 54th Prime number is 251

Ritual sacrifice and Terence "Astro" Wilson both = 251

The Jesuit Order was formed in 1540, and news of Astro’s death broke a span of 1540 days after the Great American Total Solar Eclipse:

Ritual sacrifice and Short illness both = 154

Most outlets are saying Wilson died after a Short illness:

Short illness and Sacrifice both = 73 and 170

Both Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice sum to 73, like Astro.

Sacrifice = 73, Ritual sacrifice = 73, Solar eclipse = 73

"Astro" = 73 (English Ordinal)

Ritual human sacrifice

211 is the 47th Prime number
“Total eclipse” = 47

November 7th was a span of exactly 47 weeks (or 329 days) after the last Total Solar Eclipse:

I often call this the “Jesuit” Eclipse, as the point of Greatest Eclipse was directly over Argentina, where the first Jesuit Pope, Francis, is from. The phrase Ritual human sacrifice has matching 895 Latin/Jewish gematria with Thirty-three.

Thirty-three and Thirty-three both = 895 Jewish

Astro died a span of exactly 33 weeks before his next birthday:

Both Eclipse and Jesuit Order have gematria of 33 and 69.

Eclipse = 69 and 33, The Jesuit Order = 69, Order = 33

The 69th Prime number is 347

In Hebrew, “sacrifice” sums to 347:

"Terence Wilson" = 1347 (Jewish)

Headline Gematria

Even CNN’s headline paid tribute to this code.

UB40 founding member Astro dies following short illness = 602 Ordinal, Astro = 62 Reverse, Sacrifice = 62

The name Astro is of course a nod to outer space, which NASA claims to travel through. Their fake Moon landing was on July 20th, written 7/20.

UB40 founding member Astro dies following short illness = 720, 2883, and 3113

The Moon takes Twenty-nine point five days to complete a lunar phase.

In Jewish, The Moon = 283 and Twenty-nine point five days = 3113


"Reggae" = 115 (English Extended)

The Astroworld crush that killed at least eight people fell on November 5th, written 11/5 or 5/11. Reggae artist Astro died at the age of 23,511 days old:

"Terence Astro Wilson" = 235 (English Ordinal)

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