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Death of Colin Powell a World Series Riddle?

A few days ago, I made my case as to why I thought the Atlanta Braves had the best shot at winning the World Series of the four remaining teams. Since that post, the Braves have jumped out to an unexpected 2-0 lead over the heavily-favored Los Angeles Dodgers.

Yesterday, I made this post on the death of Colin Powell. I believe the passing of this significant political figure is actually an extension of this riddle.

Atlanta Braves and Colin Powell both = 136 Ordinal

He died on October 19th, written 10/18.

"Atlanta Braves" = 1081 (English Extended)

Powell died 15 days (or 2 weeks, 1 day) before a potential Game 6 victory:

Atlanta = 15 and ATL = 21

His death fell on a date with Primary numerology of 69 and 33. Atlanta sits on the 33rd parallel:(10) + (18) + (20) + (21) = 69 and (10) + (18) + 2+0+2+1 = 33

In Ordinal, Atlanta = 69 and ATL = 33


Game 6 would fall a span of 33 days before this year’s Total solar eclipse:

"ATL" = 6 (Full Reduction)

Hank Aaron Connections

A Braves World Series victory would be connected to the January death of Hank Aaron. The franchise used to play in Milwaukee and Boston. The Braves have already beaten Milwaukee in the playoffs and could go up against Boston in the World Series. Also consider how Aaron Rodgers is making his final push for the Super Bowl with the Packers, who play in same state as Milwaukee.

Hank Aaron shares 83 gematria with Powell.

Hank Aaron = 38 and 83, Powell = 83

Colin Powell was born exactly 38 months after Hank Aaron, and Their deaths fell 8 months, 3 weeks apart:


Powell, who was fully vaccinated, allegedly died of COVID-19 exactly 44 weeks after the vaccine was first approved, which was the same date as the 2020 Total solar eclipse:

Hammerin’ Hank’s #44 has been retired by both the Braves and Brewers, the two teams from the states of Wisconsin and Georgia. Atlanta’s area code is 404 while Milwaukee’s is 414:

Wisconsin and Georgia both sum to 44 Reduction

Game 6 would fall 40 weeks, 4 days after Hank died:

Atlanta, Georgia matches Colin Luther Powell in gematria. Powell died at age 84 while Hank died at age 86.

Atlanta, Georgia = 85, Colin Luther Powell = 85 and 86, Henry Louis Aaron = 84

"Colin Luther Powell" = 239 (Reverse Ordinal)

239 is the 52nd Prime number

"The Atlanta Braves" = 52 (Full Reduction)

Hank Aaron and Henry Aaron both = 52

Powell was born on the 95th day of the year:

"Braves" = 95 (Reverse Ordinal)

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