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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies @ 84

Colin Powell dies of COVID-19 complications despite vaccine: Medical experts weigh in Powell's death is 'wake-up call' for eligible adults to receive COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, an expert said

How strange – another death from COVID-19 after being vaccinated for the disease. The media has said the vaccine wasn’t very effective, because Powell had several underlying health conditions. That’s odd, because prior to the vaccine, we were told that the only people really in danger were those with underlying health conditions.

Colin Powell died 56 days after the FDA approved the COVID Vaccine:

COVID Vaccine and Coronavirus both = 56

The spin? Powell did not receive his booster shot, which could have prevented his death. So it’s not that he didn’t get vaccinated…it’s that he didn’t get enough vaccinations.

This makes sense. Had I not just gone in for my Smallpox booster shot last month, I’d probably be dead from Smallpox. I re-upped on my Tetanus shot late last year but…crap, I haven’t had my Polio booster in like four years! WILL I BE DOOMED? </s>

This is a perfect example of how everything we’ve come to understand about medicine and proactive immunotherapy has been flipped upside-down. Of course, this is all on purpose – by making the fraud as evident as they have, it continues to feed those of us who understand that this has nothing to do with saving people from some virus, so that we move further in one direction while the flock of sheep continue in the other.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue to stand for the truth…of course, the truth is what I’ve based my whole life around for 5 years. But remain cognizant of the fact that even the truthers are being manipulated with this information, all as means to continue the divide.

Ever since the beginning, many of us have continuously mentioned how the Johns Hopkins Center for Health, which has been a significant player in the plandemic, “coincidentally” held a Coronavirus pandemic exercise called Event 201 in the months leading up to the “outbreak.” This was the very same day the 2019 Military World Games began in Wuhan, where 5G was first launched, and where COVID came from. The date was October 18th – the same date Colin Powell, one of the disease’s most famous victims in recent memory, allegedly died.

Colin and COVID both = 53, 26, 82, and 28

Kill = 28 and 44

The vaccine that Powell took was first approved for emergency authorization on December 14th, 2020, which was the only date of the year that the Sun’s Corona could be seen on Earth.

Powell’s death fell exactly 44 weeks after the 2020 Total solar eclipse:

"Total solar eclipse" = 202 (English Ordinal)

Since day one, a key number to the Coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, has been 22.

Coronavirus pandemic, Orthocoronavirinae, Donald John Trump, Operation Warp Speed, and Master builder number all = 220

Powell’s full name also sums to 220.

He died 83 weeks after COVID-19 was declared a National Emergency (or 220 days after the anniversary):

The 22nd Prime number is 79

The Coronavirus pandemic was declared a National Emergency on the date leaving 293 days in the year:

Powell died exactly 29 months, 3 weeks before the next time America will see the Sun’s Corona:

That Solar eclipse falls on April 8th, or 8/4. Powell died at the age of 84.

Solar eclipse = 804 and 433
The 84th Prime number is 433

The Sun and its Corona are the symbol of The Jesuit Order.

Jesuit and The Jesuit Order both = 84

The former US Secretary of State died on a date with numerology of 69 and 33:(10) + (18) + (20) + (21) = 69 and (10) + (18) + 2+0+2+1 = 33

"US Secretary of State" = 69 (Full Reduction)

Eclipse = 69 and 33, The Jesuit Order = 69, Order = 33

69 is also the Reverse value of Saturn.

Saturn = 93 and 69

Powell died 903 days before the next Great American Eclipse. The Magic Square of Saturn has a total sum of 45. It takes Saturn 54 weeks to pass the Sun in the sky. Colin Powell was born on April 5th, written 4/5 or 5/4.

The Hebrew word for Saturn sums to 713:

"Total eclipse" = 713 (English Extended)

Powell died on 18/10, and 181 is the 42nd Prime number. “Saturn” = 42, “Jesuit” = 42. This connects to the introduction of the Delta variant that I discussed in June. 42 is also a number historically stamped on black people, and Powell was the nation’s first black Secretary of State.

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