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Riddle for Angels to Go 50-50 vs. Colorado

There seems to be a strong riddle for the Los Angeles Angels to lose to the Colorado Rockies tonight to fall to 50-50. This was a clue from the death of Joey Jordison.

On July 23rd, the Cleveland Indians made an announcement, changing their name to the Cleveland Guardians beginning in 2022. The name comes from the Guadian sculptures overlooking the Hope Memorial Bridge right next to the team’s home ballpark.

The concept of a Guardian in this scenario reminds me of a Guardian Angel. Baseball already has a team named the Angels, a team whose name was literalized in the film Angels in the Outfield. Tonight, the Angels play their 100th game of the season.

"Angels in the Outfield" = 100 (Reverse Reduction)

What’s interesting about Angels in the Outfield is that it was released in 1994, a year I’ve been mentioning a lot in recent weeks, as Giannis Antetokounmp, who was born in 1994, won the NBA Title the same day that Jeff Bezos went to outer space, and Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. This is a number relevant to the Total solar eclipse code.

"Total solar eclipse" = 994 (English Extended)

The Cleveland Guardians changed their name 9870 days after the release of Angels in the Outfield. Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison died 987 days before the second Great American Total solar eclipse, which will pass over the city of Cleveland. 987 is a Fibonacci number:

"Joey Jordison" = 1331 (Trigonal)

The young star of the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has the same gematria as Joey Jordison. Joey is typically short for Joseph.

News of Jordison’s death fell on 7/27

"Los Angeles Angels" = 727 (Satanic)
727 is the 129th Prime number

Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt and Nathan Jonas "Joey" Jordison both = 129 Reverse Reduction

Jordison died 159 days after Gordon-Levitt’s birthday, and JGL was a span of exactly 2110 weeks old:

Joey Jordison = 159 Ordinal and 211 Francis Bacon

Joey Jordison died 159 lunar phases after the release of Gematria (The Killing Name):

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and The Moon both = 99 and 90

The Guardians’ name change fell exactly 500 lunar phases after Joseph Gordon-Levitt was born:

Joseph was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the film 500 Days of Summer.

In Jewish gematria, Five Hundred Days of Summer = 2047, Drummer Joey Jordison = 2407

Drummer Joey Jordison died 2470 days after the release of .5: The Gray Chapter, which was named after Paul Gray, the bassist of Slipknot who died back in 2010:

"Rockies" = 247 (Jewish)

.5 is one half, or 50%. Gordon Levitt’s other nomination was for his role in 50/50. A loss for the Angels tonight against the Rockies would drop them to 50-50.

The Rockies’ starting pitcher tonight is Austin Gomber, currently in line for the win.

Today is a span of 247 days after his birthday:

Crucifixion ritual and Crucifixion code both = 247 Reverse

Jordison played the drums. In 2016, Gordon-Levitt posted this video of himself “randomly” playing drums in the subway.

The video was released a span of exactly 258 weeks before the Indians’ name change:

"Colorado" = 258 (Jewish)


The Rockies already have a 5-0 lead in the 3rd inning….how appropriate would it be if the score remained that way? Amazingly, the Angels already have 3 fielding errors.

Rockies’ starting pitcher Austin Gomber was 234 days old when Angels in the Outfield starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt was released:

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt" = 234 (English Ordinal)

At the end of Angels in the Outfield, Tony Danza’s character is revealed to have died at a young age from some sort of ailment. The film 50/50 is about being diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Joey Jordison died from a nerve disease.

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