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The 2019 Death of Formula 2 Driver Anthoine Hubert

I never made a post on this when it happened, but it’s worth a visit on this blog. This was another event that made me question what we’re really decoding when looking at gematria. Here are the two posts from Dan Behrendt that should be seen:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Survives Plane Crash – (Related video)
F-2 Driver Anthoine Hubert Dies

To sum it up, Dan picked up on a major riddle that connected this NASCAR story to the French Revolution, and picked out August 31st as a significant date for Earnhardt Jr.

While nothing bad happened to Dale Earnhardt that day, we instead got the death of French Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert. Furthermore, there was a stabbing in Lyon, France that same day, the city where Hubert was born.

Wikipedia reminds us not to confuse Anthoine Hubert with French musician Antoine Huberty:

Anthoine Hubert died 230 days after the anniversary of the death of Antoine Huberty:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is of course the son of late legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr.

"Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr." = 203 (English Ordinal)

Anthoine Hubert was exactly 230 weeks (or 1610 days) old on the date of Earnhardt’s fatal crash:

Anthoine Hubert = 160 and 218

Earnhardt died on February 18th, written 2/18
Hubert died at age 22

"Dale" = 22 (English Ordinal)

Dale Jr.’s full name sums to 194.

"Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr." = 194 (English Ordinal)

Anthoine Hubert’s fatal accident occurred 194 days after the anniversary of Dale’s death. It was also a total of 966 weeks, 6 days:

"Earnhardt Jr." = 999 (Jewish)

In Jewish gematria, the value of 666 is just one off of Dale Jr.’s full name:

Six six six = 1197, Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. = 1198

Anthoine Hubert was exactly 1197 weeks old on the date he died:

Hubert was born on the 266th day of a leap year:

"Dale Earnhardt Jr." = 266 (Reverse Ordinal)

Dan also made this post discussing how Prince Philip’s car crash from early 2019 was synced up with Hubert’s crash, which was on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. I’m not sure even he understands how spot-on he really was.

Hubert died on 31/8
The 318th Prime number is 2111

Anthoine Hubert died 21 months, 11 days before Prince Philip:

Even though I almost never watched racing as a kid, I did happen to sit down and watch the entire 2001 Daytona 500, where Earnhardt Sr. died. Even though I knew nothing about the sport, I had a very strong feeling the crash killed him right away. How strange is it that my gematria matches both Earnhardts so well.

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr. = 95, 203, 337, and 878, Derek Michael J Tikkuri = 95, 203, 337, 878, and 1198, Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. = 95 and 1198

The race in which Earnhardt died was won by Michael Waltrip, and his son Dale Jr. finished second. Both cars belonged to the Dale Earnhardt, Inc racing team.


In August of last year, I made this post about Austin Dillon’s crash at Daytona, which had remarkable synchronicity with the death of Dale Sr.

If you watch the Anthoine Hubert crash, it obviously appears to be an organic event. How, or why, would anyone participate in something so violent willingly? I can’t be convinced that’s what’s happening.

So if the “organic matrix” really is this strong…what isn’t it capable of? I still contest that Camarena’s grand slam the same day that El Pais published a feature story about the Macarena had to be organic as well. How on earth do you tell a non-hitting relief pitcher who never had a Major League at-bat to hit a tailing fastball out of the zone for a home run on command? With two strikes, nonetheless? You can’t.

By the way…it looks like Austin Dillon’s crash was synced up with Hubert’s death as well. He died 1,518 days (or 1,519 including the end date) after the Dillon accident:

In Jewish, Ralph Dale Earnhardt = 518 and Dale Earnhardt Sr. = 519

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