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Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Dies @ 58

Jets assistant coach Greg Knapp, 58, dead following tragic bicycling accident

Greg Knapp died at the age of 58.

"Knapp" = 58 (English Ordinal)

His full name has matching gematria with Bicycle crash.

Gregory Fishbeck Knapp = 108 and 216, Bicycle crash = 108 and 216

Earlier this year, Knapp and 216-pound Rob Calabrese were both announced as the new quarterbacks coaches for the New York Jets. Both men share the same March 5th birthday.

Rob Calabrese was born exactly 324 months after Gregory Fishbeck Knapp:

"Gregory Fishbeck Knapp" = 324 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Zachary Kapono Wilson" = 324 (Francis Bacon)

The Jets took quarterback Zach Wilson from Brigham Young with their first pick (second overall) in this year’s NFL draft.

Zach Wilson = 130 and 140

Greg Knapp died a span of 13 days before Wilson’s birthday and a span of 140 days after his and Calabrese’s birthday:

"Brigham Young" = 140 (English Ordinal)

July 22nd had Primary numerology of 70 and 34, syncing up with the name Wilson:(7) + (22) + (20) + (21) = 70 and (7) + (22) + 2+0+2+1 = 34

Wilson = 70 and 34

Zachary Wilson shares 177 Reverse gematria with Calabrese.

"Zachary Wilson" = 174 (English Ordinal)

Greg Knapp’s accident was on July 17th, written 17/7 or 7/17. When he died five days later, he was 700 months, 17 days old:

7×17 = 119

"Wilson" = 1109 (Jewish)

Knapp’s death on 22/7 fell a span of 227 days before their birthday:

227 is the 49th Prime number

QB Coach, Zach Wilson, NFL, Accident, and San Ramon all = 49

Hiring Date

Knapp and Calabrese were hired on January 18th, the date written 1/18.

"Bicycle accident" = 118 (English Ordinal)

Knapp’s Death following his Bicycle accident fell 1 month, 18 days before the start of the NFL season:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

On his hiring date, Greg Knapp was a span of exactly 3020 weeks old, and also a span of 320 days after his birthday:

"Greg Knapp" = 320 (English Extended)

"Quarterback Zach Wilson" = 320 (Reverse Ordinal)

On the date of his Bicycle Accident in San Ramon, he was a span of 21,320 days old:

He died 32 weeks before his 59th birthday:

Bicycle = 59, Accident = 59, San Ramon = 59

March 5th will also be Rob Calabrese’s 32nd birthday

Brigham Young University = 302 Ordinal, Wilson = 302 Satanic

On the date of Knapps’ passing, the New York Jets football franchise was a span of exactly 3232 weeks old:

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