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Rapper Biz Markie Dies @ 57

Biz Markie, 'Just A Friend' rapper, dead at 57

Rapper Biz Markie has reportedly passed away on July 16th, about two weeks after rumors of his death began circulating on social media.

Almost all of Biz’s music was released on the Warner Brothers label. He died of Type 2 diabetes.

"Warner Bros" = 133 (English Ordinal)

Marcel Theo Hall = 133, Marcel Theo Hall-Biz Markie = 133

"Type 2 diabetes" = 133 (English Ordinal)

He died the same day as the release of Space Jam 2, made by Warner Bros, which is all about the WB universe.

Biz Markie and Space Jam both = 49

“Space” is all the rage this past week, as billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos both take themselves to the edge of space, with Bezos’s flight happening on the 52nd anniversary of the first alleged Moon landing. Biz died of Type 2 diabetes.

"Warner Bros" = 52 (Full Reduction)

Type 2 diabetes = 52, Diabetes = 52

Space Jam 2 features a slew of Warner Brothers cartoon characters, one of whom tries rapping.

"Porky Pig" = 99 (Reverse Ordinal)

The two Space Jam films were released 9009 days apart:

Biz was born on the 99th day of a leap year:

He died 99 days after his birthday:

His death is connected to the two Great American Total Solar Eclipses. The first of those two eclipses fell 99 years after the last coast-to-coast eclipse in the United States. The second one falls on Biz’s birthday, the 99th day of the year.

The Moon begins with the 13th letter, ends with the 13th letter in Reverse, has 13 lunar phases every couple of years, and has matching gematria with Thirteen.

The Moon and Thirteen = 99

The 9th Prime number is 23. “LeBron James” = 923. Markie’s birthday falls 99 days after LeBron’s in most years.

The 99th Prime number is 523

In early 2020, SiriusXM announced that Biz Markie would begin hosting a new program on LL Cool J‘s hip-hop station.

Biz’s death fell a span of 523 days after the announcement:

"Earl Simmons" = 523 (Satanic)

Earl Simmons is the real name of DMX, who died on the 99th day of the year. You may recall that news of his hospitalization dropped on 4/3/21, and DMX appeared on an LL Cool J track called 4, 3, 2, 1.

Simmons died on April 9th, written 4/9 or 9/4.

Biz Markie = 49 and 94

“Just a Friend” Connection

The number 99 sums to 57 in Reduction.

"Ninety-nine" = 57 (Full Reduction)

Markie died at the age of 57:

"Markie" = 57 (English Ordinal)

His passing fell during the time of Cancer, the only sign ruled by the Moon, which has a 57° range of declination. July 16th is the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the Moon.

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

The 57th Prime number is 269

Biz was a one-hit wonder to the mainstream, becoming best-known for his hit Just a Friend, which was released back on September 26th, 1989.

“Just a Friend” was released on September 26th, written 26/9, which is also the 269th day of the year:

Rumors of Biz Markie’s death first began circulating exactly 11600 days after the release of “Just a Friend”:

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic)

Just a Friend and Sacrifice both = 46 and 170
The track is 4:06 in length

This ritual related to the song occurred in 2021, like the ordinal value of Biz Markie – Just a Friend.

"Biz Markie - Just a Friend" = 221 (English Ordinal)

“Kill” Code

Biz Markie was born in the year ‘64. The date he died had numerology of 64281944, and 17:

Kill = 64 and 28 Reverse, 19 Hebrew, and 44 and 17 Ordinal/Reduction

Biz - 19, 44, and 17

Biz died a span of 17 days after his death was falsely reported:

“Just a Friend” = 170
The 17th Prime number is 59

Biz Markie and Marcel Hall both = 59 Reverse Reduction

This is a number we’ve seen stamped on blacks in the media far too often.

Slave, Negro, Blues, and Rasta all = 59

Racism Code

Five and Nine are the only two numbers to have an Ordinal value of 42.

Five and Nine both = 42 Ordinal

This is the other number they love mocking black people with. “N*gger”, “The N Word”, “Slavery”, “Bigotry”, “Brothers”, and “February” (among many others) all have values of 42 in Reduction.

"Markie" = 42 (Reverse Reduction)

Markie died a span of exactly 42 weeks after the anniversary of the release of “Just a Friend”:

The 42nd Prime number is 181
Biz was 1081 weeks older than LeBron James
His birthday falls 181 days after Bronny James’s

Rumors of his death started on the 181st day of the year:

Recall that was the same day another major black celebrity, Bill Cosby, was released from jail.

Eclipse Code

“N*gger” = 60 in the alphabetic order

Biz’s birthday of April 8th is intriguing because that’s the date of the second Great American Eclipse.

Biz would have turned 60 years old on the date of that eclipse:

The real name of Biz Markie is Marcel Theo Hall.

Marcel Theo Hall - Biz Markie

He died 997 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

997 is the 168th Prime number

Rapper Biz Markie = 168 Ordinal, Marcel Hall = 168 Franc Baconis

"Biz Markie" = 149 (Reverse Ordinal)

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