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Man Reportedly Dies from Injuries Sustained in Austin Shooting

Austin mass shooting: 1 victim dies, brother says public should know he ‘suffered’

The news is reporting that one victim of the shooting in Austin, Texas has died from his wounds. His name is reportedly Douglas John Kantor, who was 25 years old, syncing up with his Ordinal gematria:Douglas John Kantor, 25, was identified as the casualty. He died in Dell Seton Medical Center at 12:01 p.m, Fox Austin reported.

"Douglas John Kantor" = 205 (English Ordinal)

"Austin, Texas" = 205 (Francis Bacon)

The names Douglas and Kantor both sum to 25 as well.

Douglas and Kantor both = 25 Reduction

Death = 25 and 97
The 25th Prime number is 97


The name Kantor also has nearly-perfect overlap with Murder.

Douglas, Kantor, and Murder all = 79 and 38

His common name, Doug Kantor, aligns with Austin Texas, where he was shot.

Doug Kantor and Austin, Texas both = 144 Reverse

The article noted that he died at 12:01 pm.

"Blood sacrifice" = 121 (English Ordinal)

1201 is the 197th Prime number. This was another number I mentioned in my original post.

Downtown shooting, Metonic cycle, and Nineteen years all = 197 Reverse

"Moon" = 197 (Satanic)

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