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X-Press Pearl Fire Causes Environmental Disaster

Earlier this year, a major shipping disaster occurred when the Ever Given became stuck in the Suez Canal. The boat was freed six days later.

There are many numerical similarities between the Ever Given blockage and the X-Press Pearl sinking.

"Evergreen" = 99 (English Ordinal)

The X-Press Pearl caught fire 99 days after it was first completed:

Both incidents appear to be rituals put on by the Jesuit Order, which was formed on 9/27.

"EVERGREEN" = 927 (Jewish)

EVERGREEN = 54 and 144, X-Press Pearl = 54, 153, and 144, Jesuit Order = 54, 144, and 153

The X-Press Pearl sank on the 153rd day of the year:

The boat was 186 meters long.

"The Jesuit Order" = 1086 (English Extended)

The Jesuit Order is more commonly called The Society of Jesus.

"The Society of Jesus" = 235 (Reverse Ordinal)

The X-Press Pearl fire began 235 days after the anniversary of the Society of Jesus:

X-Press Pearl fire

The X-Press Pearl was completed on February 10th, or 2/10.

The X-Press Pearl sank 2 months, 10 days after the Ever Given became stuck:

The Suez Canal story began on March 23rd, or 3/23. The Pearl‘s sinking fell 3 months, 23 days (or 112 days) after it was completed:

The Jesuit Order operates in 112 countries

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