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Shooting at San Jose Railyard Leaves at Least 8 Dead

At least 8 dead after shooting at public transit rail yard in San Jose, California

The county of Santa Clara and its county seat San Jose both turned 171 years old earlier this year:

San Jose, California and Valley Transportation Authority both = 171

Lunar Eclipse

Today’s Lunar eclipse fell on a date with Primary numerology of 72, the same date as a shooting at Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority:(5) + (26) + (20) + (21) = 72

Lunar eclipse and Santa Clara both = 72 Reverse Reduction

This is the Reduction value of San Jose, California. The shooting occurred at a Public transit railyard on the west coast, the only part of the country that was able to see the totality phase of the eclipse.

"San Jose, California" = 72 and 108 Reduction

"Public transit railyard" = 108 (Single Reduction)

108 is a number strongly-connected to lunar eclipses. The Sun, which is 108× the width of the Earth, is 108× its diameter away from Earth, just as the Moon is 108×its own diameter from Earth:

108 ÷ 2 = 54

Lunar eclipse = 54, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority = 504

In Reverse, San Jose, CA sums to 156 and 57, syncing up with the gematria of Eclipse in Hebrew.

San Jose, CA = 156 and 57 Reverse

ליקוי (Eclipse) = 156 and 57 Hebrew

The 156 connects us to 666.

Six six six and Triple sixes both = 156 Ordinal

The earth’s polar axis sits on a 66.6 degree tilt to the plane of the Sun:

The mayor of San Jose is Sam Liccardo. The fact that his name is Sam stands out in light of the big lunar eclipse ritual involving Sam Wright that I just posted about.

Sam Liccardo is 2,666 weeks, 6 days old:

Mayor Samuel Theodore Liccardo = 1999 Extended

He’s been in office for 2338 days:

This is strikingly similar to the Jewish gematria of 666.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 2038 (Jewish)

The governor of California is Gavin Newsom, who was born on 10/10. “Revelation” = 1010.

Governor Gavin Newsom has been in office for 870 days:

San Jose, CA and Six six six both = 87

More Significant “Moon” Numbers

The name Liccardo matches Moon.

Liccardo and Moon both = 170 Jewish

San Jose is officially San José with an acute. If this character is omitted, the city has gematria of both 67 and 19.

San José, California = 67 and 1090

A significant lunar cycle is the 19-year Metonic cycle
The 19th Prime number is 67

The mayor of San Jose’s full name has matching gematria with Metonic cycle.

Samuel Theodore Liccardo and Metonic cycle both = 1108 English

Liccardo is currently 18,668 days old:

"Metonic cycle" = 668 (Jewish)

The Metonic cycle is 254 sidereal months long.

The city of San Jose was incorporated a span of exactly 2054 months ago:

Time and Light both = 254 English Extended

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