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Name of Indianapolis Shooter Released

In my last post, I discussed how the mass shooting incident at an Indianapolis FedEx Ground Facility was connected to the Eclipse code.


Eclipse code and Eclipse ritual both = 201 Reverse

This is a significant number to The Jesuit Order, as seen in the name of the first Jesuit pope, and the founder of the society.

The Jesuit Order, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Ignatius of Loyola all = 201

The shooting in Indianapolis fell 201 days before the mayor of Indianapolis’s birthday, and 201 days after the Jesuit anniversary:

The name of the shooter has been released – it’s Brandon Scott Hole. Consider how an Eclipse, relevant to the Jesuit symbol, is also called a Black Hole Sun.

Black Hole Sun and Indianapolis both = 123 and 201

A “black hole sun” more accurately describes an annular eclipse than a total eclipse:

"Brandon Scott Hole" = 263 (Francis Bacon)

263 is the 56th Prime number

"Brandon Scott" = 560 (Jewish)

The shooting on the night of April 15th fell 56 days before this year’s annular solar eclipse:

FedEx shooting and Society of Jesus both = 56 Reduction

The shooting was also 5 weeks, 6 days before this year’s Total Lunar Eclipse:

On the date of the shooting, Chris Cornell would have been 56 years, 270 days old:

The Society of Jesus was established on the 270th day of the year:

Black Hole Sun

Brandon Scott HoleBlack Hole Sun…

Black Hole Sun is the name of a song by Soundgarden:

Their lead singer Chris Cornell was an eclipse sacrifice back in 2017.

"Chris Cornell" = 416 (Primes)

4/16 was the date that the shooting at FedEx Corporation, which was connected to the recent death of Bernard Lawrence Madoff, was in the news.

Chris Cornell = 188, FedEx Corporation = 188, Bernard Lawrence Madoff = 188

The shooting fell 1088 days before a black hole sun will be visible over Indianapolis:

That eclipse over Indianapolis falls on April 8th, or 4/08.

"Chris Cornell" = 408 (Jewish)

"Hole" = 408 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Chris Cornell died 3 years, 333 days before the shooting and the resulting news:

Chris died at the MGM in Detroit.

"Chris" = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

"MGM" = 33 (English Ordinal)

Cornell died 3 months, 3 days before the first Great American Eclipse:

"Black hole" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Eclipse" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington sang at Cornell’s funeral:

"Chester" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Chester would go on to die 33 days before that same eclipse on the 33rd parallel:

Chester died on Chris Cornell’s birthday, which was the anniversary of the Moon landing. See more in my post from 2018.

Black Hole Sun was released in 1994.

"Total solar eclipse" = 994 (English Extended)

Black Hole Sun was released exactly 1405 weeks before the shooting:

Brandon Scott = 145 and 46

Chris Cornell died 46 months before the shooting:

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