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Harry and Meghan Interviewed by Oprah


This interview aired on March 7th, written 3/7. Harry and Meghan, who were born 37 months apart, are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

"Sussex" = 37 (Reverse Reduction)

Oprah Winfrey was 37 days after her birthday:

In this post, I will examine how this story is coded around the numbers of the Moon. The Sun and The Moon represent the light and the dark, appropriate for a story about Racist behavior.

Racist and The Moon = 283

The ultimate number of The Moon is 666. See this slide for some of the basics.

666 and 99 are inter-related. The digits have the same sum, and a 6 is an upside-down 9. Notice how The Moon sums to 99, another relevant number regarding Racism in The Family towards Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Racism and The Moon both = 99 Reverse

The Family = 99 and 999

"Meghan, Duchess of Sussex" = 990 (Satanic)

The Queen

"Oprah" = 229 (English Extended)

666 is revealed as the number of the Beast in the 229th book of Revelation, the 66th book of the Bible.

Here is wisdom, Number of a man, and Number of the Beast all = 66

"Queen Elizabeth" = 66 (Reverse Reduction)

Harry and Meghan’s interview was aired on the 66th day of the year:

Additionally, the date had Primary numerologies of 51 and 1551+15 = 66:(3) + (7) + (20) + (21) = 51 and (3) + (7) + 2+0+2+1 = 66

The 66th Prime number is 317

"Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex" = 317 (Reverse Ordinal)

Next month, the Queen’s birthday falls on a date with Primary numerology of 66:(4) + (21) + (20) + (21) = 66

Her death will trigger the rule of Charles as King.

King and Charles both = 66

The interview was 95 days before the first Arch eclipse
The Queen will turn 95 years old
666 days = 95 weeks

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 95 (Full Reduction)

The interview about Racism fell 6 weeks, 3 days (or 45 days) before her birthday:

Racism = 63 and 45

Harry’s and Meghan’s Age

Prince Harry’s full name sums to 1,666.

"Henry Charles Albert David" = 1666 (Jewish)

6×6×6 = 216

"Prince Henry of Wales" = 216 (English Ordinal)

"Meghan Markle" = 216 (Reverse Ordinal)

Meghan Markle was born on the 216th day of the year:

March 7th falls a span 216 days after the birthday of Meghan Markle:

The first multiple of 666 is 1332

On the date of the interview, Prince Harry was 13322 days old:

"Meghan, Duchess of Sussex" = 1322 (Jewish)

234 + 432 = 666
6+6+6 = 18

Henry Charles Albert David = 234 and 108, Meghan Markle = 108

April 12th

666 is the 36th Triangular number

In January, I made this post detailing why I thought the date April 12th would be highly-significant for the Royal Family.

March 7th was 36 days before April 12th:

That date stood out to me primarily because of its relation to May 26th, the date of this year’s total lunar eclipse, which is of monumental importance. The interview fell 80 days before that eclipse.

The Beast and Satan both = 80

80 days is also 2 months, 19 days, and the eclipse falls on the date leaving 219 days in the year:

As for May 26th being the 146th day of the year, look at how old Meghan Markle was on the date of this interview:14460 Days

It was also 146 weeks after their wedding:

"Jesus Christ" = 146 (Reverse Ordinal) "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" = 146 (Reverse Reduction)

Christianity Riddle

Duke of Sussex sums to 930.

"Duke of Sussex" = 930 (Reverse English Sumerian)

It seems likely that Jesus would have had darker skin than he is typically portrayed with. Meghan Markle played the character Rachel Zane on Suits in the years leading up to her royal wedding:

"Rachel Zane" = 93 (English Ordinal)

Markle was born on a date with Standard numerology of 93, the value of God’s Son, which her full name also shares gematria with. (8) + (4) + (81) = 93

God's son = 93 and 331

Rachel Meghan Markle = 331 and 930, Christianity = 930

"Winfrey" = 331 (Primes)

331 is the 67th Prime number
Winfrey is 67 years old

The interview aired in 67 countries outside the UK:

More Racial Coding

The Royal Family is now in hot water for potentially being racists. How fitting that the name Markle has matching gematria with the most hateful word for blacks:

Markle and Nigger both = 60 and 102

Her birthday falls 42 days before Harry’s:

Nigger, Racial slur, Bigotry, and Slavery all = 42

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