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Cerveza Disease Infects French President Emmanuel Macron

France's Emmanuel Macron tests positive for Covid-19, sending other European leaders into quarantine

Emmanuel‘s diagnosis fell on the Pope’s 84th birthday.

"Emmanuel" = 84 (English Ordinal)

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope.

"Jesuit" = 84 (English Ordinal)"The Jesuit Order" = 84 (Reverse Reduction)

Today is 281 days after the start of the coronavirus pandemic:

"President of France" = 281 (Reverse Ordinal)

The name Macron begins with M, the 13th letter, and Emmanuel has two M’s of its own. Today has numerology of 13:1+2 + 1+7 + 2+0 = 13

This story came out 1313 days after he became president of France:

13 is the 6th Prime number
The 6th planet from the Sun is Saturn


Today is the first day of Saturnalia, which lasts from December 17th – 23rd.

"Saturn" = 1723 (Squares)

Emmanuel Macron was born on December 21st, which is the date of next week’s Great Conjunction, made up of Saturn and Jupiter. Today has Primary numerology of 69, matching Saturn in Reverse:(12) + (17) + (20) + (20) = 69

"Saturn" = 69 (Reverse Ordinal)

Emmanuel is 42 years old.

Emmanuel and Saturn both = 42 Reverse Reduction

Emmanuel Macron sums to 77, like his birth year of ’77.

"Emmanuel Macron" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

Cube of Saturn has matching 777 gematria with President Macron.

"Cube of Saturn" = 777 (Jewish)

"President Macron" = 777 (English Extended)

Saturnalia has matching gematria with President Macron too.

"Saturnalia" = 231 (Franc Baconis)

"President Macron" = 231 (Reverse Ordinal)

Macron is a whopping 25 years younger than his wife, Brigitte Macron, who is also going into isolation. Her name has matching gematria with Saturnalia as well:

Saturnalia and Brigitte Macron both = 154 and 73

The Magic Square of Saturn sums to 45.

"Brigitte" = 45 (Full Reduction)

"Emmanuel" = 331 (Jewish)

331 is the 67th Prime number. Brigitte is currently 67 years old.

"Covid nineteen" = 67 (Full Reduction)

67 is the 19th Prime number

"Macron" = 244 (English Extended)

"Nineteen" = 244 (Jewish)

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