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Red Sox Groundskeeper Joe Mooney Dies @ 90

Longtime groundskeeper Joe Mooney, a Red Sox Hall of Famer, dies at age 90

Mooney was born on September 6th, 1930:September 6, 1930

Joe Mooney died at the age of 90 years, 2 months, 23 days:

The Moon = 90 Ordinal and 223 Hebrew

The name Joe Mooney has a lot of overlap with The Moon:

Joe Mooney = 990, 45, and 36, The Moon = 99, 45, and 36

1331 Solar Eclipse Code

A groundskeeper for the Red Sox named Joe Mooney? The last World Series victory for the Red Sox fell on 10/28 in 2018

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

The ultimate eclipse number is 1331.

"Boston Red Sox" = 1331 (English Extended)

Mooney died on November 29th, meaning his death made news on November 30th, which was the date of the 1331 eclipse.

Thirteen thirty-one eclipse & November thirtieth = 1331 in Jewish gematria

In Jewish gematria, Moon sums to 170 like Boston Red Sox in Ordinal.

"Moon" = 170 (Jewish)

"Boston Red Sox" = 170 (English Ordinal)

Joe Mooney’s death fell 170 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse:

This same measurement is 3 years, 100 days. His death also fell 3 years, 131 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

"Red Sox" = 31 (Full Reduction)

Lunar Eclipse Connection

Boston Red Sox groundskeeper Joe Mooney sums to 445 in Ordinal. This is the Hebrew value of total (full) lunar eclipse.

"Boston Red Sox groundskeeper Joe Mooney" = 445 (English Ordinal)

"אלמ חרי יוקיל" = 445 (Hebrew Gematria) = 445

In Reduction, Joe Mooney = 45, Lunar eclipse = 54

Mooney died a span of exactly 5 months, 4 weeks before the next total lunar eclipse:

Baseball = 54 in two base methods

More Eclipse Connections

Boston Red Sox and Solar eclipse both = 53 Reduction

Boston and Red Sox both sum to 85 like total solar eclipse.

Boston and Red Sox both = 85 Ordinal

Total solar eclipse = 85 Single Reduction and 202 Ordinal

Mooney died a span of 2 weeks, 2 days before the 2020 total solar eclipse.

"The Boston Red Sox" = 202 (Reverse Ordinal)

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